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Africa, UK, and Ireland


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Africa, UK, and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production comprises 6 scholarly/nonfiction essays, 7 short stories, 67 poems, and 2 plays from writers and poets based in the UK, Africa and Ireland the diasporas. It focuses on politics and knowledge production acting as a vehicle in which the production of new knowledge between these three regions/countries intersects in the literary sphere. It dissects the scientific methods of producing knowledge through the act of producing new knowledge, it looks at the management of knowledge, the processing and sharing of knowledge, and dissects, artistically and critically. It further stresses the importance of the ownership of knowledge and how this knowledge shapes politics. The collection contains work from up-and-coming poets and writers, alongside established ones, also included are pieces from academic scholars, essayists, poets, writers of fiction, playwrights. Africa, UK, and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production will prove useful to literary and language theorists, poetry collections, political sciences, social sciences and human sciences, general academia and readers, education departments and students.



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Published 12 June 2018
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Africa, UK, and Ireland
Africa, UK, and Ireland Writing Politics and Knowledge Production Volume 1
Africa, UK, and Ireland: Writing Politics and Knowledge Production Volume 1
Edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka
Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd, Chitungwiza Zimbabwe * Creativity, Wisdom and Beauty
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Contents Table Notes on Contributors………………………………….vii-xix Introduction……………………………………………..xx-xxiii Non fiction………………………………………………….1-70 EDUCATION AND RELIGION AS SOCIOLOGICAL TOOLS FOR SOCIAL AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA:Amali, I. O. O (Nigeria) Kate Middleton and White Femininity: Excess Transgresses:Nica Cornell (South Africa) EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL REHABILITATIVE ASPIRATIONS OF STREET BEGGARS IN BAUCHI STATE, NIGERIA:Amali, I.O.O (Nigeria), Saleh S (Nigeria),andAmali S.E (Nigeria) You have struck women! You have struck a rock! A South African Perspective on International Women’s Day:Lynnda Wardle (South Africa/UK) IT TAKES A VILLAGE:EDITH OSIRO ADHIAMBO (Kenya) Transcription of a Conversation:Andrea Mbarushimana (UK) Fiction………………………………………………….. 71-154 One Man and His Axe:John Eppel (Zimbabwe) Jo’burg:Valerie Southgate (South Africa/USA) A MODERN RWANDAN FOLK TALE:Ashby McGowan (UK) The Eyesore:Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe (Zimbabwe) Life Can Make You Cry:Kiarie Nyambura (Kenya) Haven Hunters:Yugo Gabriel Egboluche (Nigeria) Beasts in the Farmstead:NURENI Ibrahim (Nigeria) Poetry……………………………………………………155-248
I'm honest:Asekho Toto (South Africa) Let this world burn into ashes:Asekho Toto (South Africa)Anagnorisis:Tomas Hildago (Spain)Caballos en Möenchengladbach:Tomas Hildago (Spain)Goree Place:Helen Harrison (UK)Overspill:Helen Harrison (UK)Bread and Butter:Helen Harrison (UK)This is why the colonial sea does not glitter:Abigail George (South Africa) WE LET THEM:Thamsanqa Wuna (Zimbabwe) ASANTE SANA – (THANK YOU VERY MUCH):Thamsanqa Wuna (Zimbabwe)(On the day) Robert Mugabe resigns:Abigail George (South Africa)LET MY POEM SETS ME FREE:Adewusi Raodat Abimbola (Nigeria)A Prophetic History:Diane Pacitti (UK)SEASON OF CRIMSON DAGGERS:Adewusi Raodat Abimbola (Nigeria)THE ILLOGICALITY OF THE ETHEREAL:Colin James (UK/USA) CAPTURE OF A CONCEPTUALIST:Colin James (UK/USA) SUNDAY LUNCH IN EXILE:Enesa Mahmić(Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ireland) You:Gugulethu Radebe (South Africa) Packages:Gugulethu Radebe (South Africa)Desire:Gugulethu Radebe (South Africa)THE WRITER:Enesa Mahmić (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ireland) MOTHER FREEDOM:Enesa Mahmić (Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ireland) Year 2027:Oscar Gwiriri (Zimbabwe)The President:Oscar Gwiriri (Zimbabwe)Peaceful Country:Samuel Nyachiro Kegwaro (Kenya)ETHNIC MISCONCEPTION:Hélder Simbad (Angola)
The Death Of My House:Samuel Nyachiro Kegwaro (Kenya)AFRICA OF MY FEELINGS:Hélder Simbad (Angola)LOST IN-BETWEEN:Ifeoluwa Ayandele (Nigeria)breakfast with a hippopotamus:James Bell (UK/France)migration:James Bell (UK/France)The Land of a Thousand Hills:Matt Black (UK)Good sports:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa)The land of peace:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa)Now we don’t know the world any other way:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa)Hyena:James Bell (UK)AT MY MOTHER’S FUNERAL:NURENI Ibrahim (Nigeria)OGUN:NURENI Ibrahim (Nigeria)For Geoffrey Philp:Rethabile Masilo (France/Lesotho)Lovers:Rethabile Masilo (France/Lesotho)Thoughts of home:Rethabile Masilo (France/Lesotho)Voices from the ashes:Wilson Waison (Zimbabwe)I have lived at a time:Tralone Lindiwe Khoza (South Africa)Inkanyeziyami:Tralone Lindiwe Khoza (South Africa) The Rhino of Hoxton Square:Troy Da Costa (Zimbabwe)Harare:Troy Da Costa (Zimbabwe)Footprints at Heathrow:Troy Da Costa (Zimbabwe)AFRICA, MY STORY:Chido J. Ndoro (Zimbabwe)Neighbourhood kids:Andrea Mbarushimana (UK)The Human Animal:Andrea Mbarushimana (UK)The African Markets:Tola Ijalusi (Nigeria)Read Africa:Zongezile Matshoba (South Africa)Pizza-ingAfrika:Zongezile Matshoba (South Africa)THE PLEBEIANS:Nwoke Theophilus (Nigeria)Libation of Blood:Adjei Agyei-Baah (Ghana) So Long a Shortlist!: Kariuki wa Nyamu (Kenya) An Epitaph for a dramatist-cum-politician: Kariuki wa Nyamu (Kenya)
IT’S COMPLICATED:Mzomuhle Mkhabela (Swaziland) Surely, there’re two worlds…:Kariuki wa Nyamu (Kenya) Basahyeade:Adjei Agyei-Baah (Ghana) Pages of The Diary:Mandla Mvolwane (Zimbabwe) Nostalgia:Beaton Galafa (Malawi/China) Do not judge her...:Amanda Sewani (Zimbabwe) MAKING OUR LOVE ETERNAL:Maria Menezes (Angola) The Trick:Niall Hurley (South Africa) Twisted:Niall Hurley (South Africa) MIGRANTS:Maria Menezes (Angola) Plays……………………………………………………249-316 Some Other Mother:AJ Taudevin (UK) RAGE OF THE DEVILS (An extract):Tendai R Mwanaka (Zimbabwe) About editor Tendai Rinos Mwanaka is a publisher, editor, thinker, mentor, writer, visual artist and musical artist with over 20 books published which include among others,Zimbolicious Poetry Anthologies (Anthology series of Zimbabwean poets), Playing To Love’s Gallery (poetry book), Keys in the River (short stories novel), Voices from Exile (poetry book), Counting The Stars (poetry book),many more here: and http://www.africanbookscollective.com/authors-editors/tendai-rinos-mwanaka. He writes in English and Shona. His work has appeared in over 400 journals and anthologies from over 27 countries. Work has been translated into Spanish, French and German.
Notes on contributors ADEWUSI RAODAT ABIMBOLAis a budding poetess based in Zaria-Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria. She studies English Language from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She sees world as an empty vessel and tries to document the reality into non-fictional essays.Edith Osiro Adhiambois a Kenyan pharmacist with a passion for writing. She is currently working on her creative fiction pieces and is an ardent blogger athttp://edosiakenshi.blogspot.co.ke/. Dr. Ismaila O.O Amali, is from Benue State, Nigeria. He holds a B.Ed (Arts); M.Ed. (Guidance & Counselling) from University of Maiduguri, Nigeria since the year 2000. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He is a researcher and scholar in the field of Sociology of Education with special interest in the development of indigenous Nigerian and African educational practices. He has served in Nigerian Immigration Service before transferring his services to the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He is married with children. Adjei Agyei-Baahis a language lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Distance Education, Kumasi Campus and author of two haiku books:AFRIKU (Red Moon Press, 2016)andGhana 21 (Mamba Africa Press, 2017)and winner of several international awards. He is the co-founder of Africa Haiku Network (AHN) and Poetry Foundation Ghana, and as well doubles as the co-editor of Mamba Journal, Africa's first international haiku journal. Ifeoluwa Ayandelestudied at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He has been published inAfrican Writer, Brittle paperandKin Poetry Journal.His poems are forthcoming inBest New African Poet 2017
AnthologyandKalahari Review.He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. You can follow him on Twitter @ifeoluwaDele James Bellis originally from Scotland and now lives in France where he contributes photography and non-fiction to an English language journal. To date he has published two poetry collections: the just vanished placeandfishing for beginners, both from tall-lighthouse. He has been publishing poetry in magazines for twenty years. He has recently began writing and publishing short stories again and is presently working on his first story selection. Matt Blacklives in Leamington Spa. He was Derbyshire Poet Laureate (2011-2013) and has successfully completed over 20 commissions, with poems on 15 benches, 20 milestones, a large glass panel, and in exhibitions and publications. In 2017 his pamphletSpoon Rebellionwas published by Smith Doorstop, and in 2018 a book of travel haikus,Tales from the Leaking Boot,is being published with Iron Press. His first play,The Storm Officer, is touring in 2018-2019. Nica Cornellis a South African writer with her Honours in Political and International Studies. She has previously published in The Times, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, the Kalahari Review,and South African Foreign Policy Review Volume III(in press). She has also been published byThe Good Cemetery Guide,theGood Men Projectand theAfrica Matters Initiative. She is currently pursuing her Masters. Troy Da Costa:“This has been a chance for me to highlight the emotional awakening of a person, like myself, who made the difficult choice, to leave his home in Africa (Zimbabwe) and pursue an uncertain future. Even though the links between Britain and Zimbabwe are still strong, in the sense we are the first generation born in Zimbabwe outside British rule, the cultural gap is huge. Therefore, I went with modern settings; to highlight the inner conflict between living in Africa or seeking your future elsewhere like so many have done.”
Yugo Gabriel Egbolucheis a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He writes from Nigeria where he works as a Development Practitioner. Together with fiction, he does poetry, non-fiction, screenwriting and copywriting. His works have been published inChapbooks, the Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine Online, Words, Rhyme & Rhythmand his stories translated into film. His short stories have been published in anExperimental Writing, Africa vs Latin American anthologyand other webzines; and his poem featured in theBest New African Poets 2017 Anthology.He has also co-authored and edited more than two community development texts and guidebooks. Born in South Africa in 1947,John Eppelwas raised in Zimbabwe, where he still lives, now retired, in Bulawayo. His first novel,D G G Berry’s The Great North Road,won the M-Net prize and was listed in the Weekly Mail & Guardian as one of the best 20 South African books in English published between 1948 and 1994. His second novel,Hatchings,was short-listed for the M-Net prize and was chosen for the series in the Times Literary Supplement of the most significant books to have come out of Africa. His other novels areThe Giraffe Man, The Curse of the Ripe Tomato, The Holy Innocents, Absent: The English Teacher, Traffickings,and (awaiting publication)The Boy Who Loved Camping.Eppel’s poetry collections includeSpoils of War,which won the Ingrid Jonker prize,Sonata for Matabeleland, Selected Poems: 1965 – 1995, Songs My Country Taught Me,andLandlocked: New and Selected Poems from Zimbabwe,which was a winner in the international Poetry Workshop Prize, Judged by Billy g. Furthermore he has collaborated with Philani Amadeus Nyoni in a collection called Hewn From Rock,and with Togara Muzanenhamo in a collection calledTextures,which won the 2015 NOMA Award. He has published three mixed collections of poetry and short stories:The Caruso of Colleen Bawn, White Man Crawling,and, in collaboration with