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Best New African Poets 2019 Anthology


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Over 600 poets have been given voice in this series which was started five years ago, making it an important archive of new African poetry. Every year space is given to as many poets as can be accommodated; it takes at least 10 years to make a poet! The greatest positive aspect of this series is the poems received from writers who contribute each year: Archie Swanson, Chaun Ballard, Chengetai Mhondera, Troydon Wainwright, Tendai Rinos Mwanaka and Soberano Canhanga, and several who have poems in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 anthologies, and so many new ones. Many poets have gone on to publish their first collection and more, several have won prizes all over the world, some have become academics, some influential performers of their work and some have travelled all over the world presenting their work. This year’s Best “New” African Poets 2019 Anthology there is 197 poems from a more than one hundred poets (including collaborations) writing in English, Portuguese, French, and a whole host of African indigenous languages. Featured are poems which deal with love, relationships, politics, governance, spirituality, existence, identity and place. We invite you to this year’s anthology to engage with the most important new African poets writing from the continent and the diasporas and enjoy this African pot-pouri of art and life.



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Published 19 May 2020
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A lot of our poets have gone on to publish their Irst collection and more, several have won prizes all over the world, some have become academics, some inLuential
work. We want to look back after 10 years and see the inLuence and body of African
Best “New” African Poets Best “N w” African Poets2019 ANTHOLOGY:Anthologie Des Meilleures “Nouveaux” Poètes Africains 2019 Antologia Dos Melhores “Novos” Poetas Africanos 2019
Edited by: Tendai R Mwanaka & Nsah Mala
Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd, Chitungwiza Zimbabwe * Creativity, Wisdom and Beauty i
Publisher: Mmap Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd 24 Svosve Road, Zengeza 1 Chitungwiza Zimbabwe mwanaka@yahoo.comhttps//mwanakamediaandpublishing.weebly.com Distributed in and outside N. America by African Books Collective orders@africanbookscollective.comwww.africanbookscollective.comISBN: 978-1-77929-610-8 EAN: 9781779296108 ©Mwanaka 2019Tendai Rinos All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or be stored in any information storage or retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher DISCLAIMER All views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views ofMmap.
Table of Contents About the Editors………………………………………………...x Contributor’s Bio Notes…………………………………...xi-xxix Introduction………………………………………………xxx-xxxi Collaborations…………………………………………………1-17 Re-Imagining Africa:First group collaborationA boy in search of Africa:Susan Gamuchirai MuchirahondoandChenjerai MhonderaMake me happy again: The Earth’s Song:Second group collaborationEnglish poems, part 1………………………………………18-127 My Home South Africa:Bashi Pather (South Africa) HOPELESS HOPE:Adatsi Brownson (Ghana)THE BURIAL:Adatsi Brownson (Ghana)Night Club In Ilesha:Adeniran Joseph (Nigeria)The Road leads Us To Somewhere:Adeniran Joseph (Nigeria) Slaves and Prisoners:Adeyemi Amos Adegboyega (Nigeria)The Long John Silver:Adjei Agyei-Baah(Ghana)MAN AND SOCIETY- JUST ONE DROP:Ajeh Goodluck (Nigeria)"TO THE HEARTS OUT THERE..."- MY HEART:Ajeh Goodluck (Nigeria) I QUIT: Amani Nsemwa (Tanzania) PRINCESS POLITICS: Amani Nsemwa (Tanzania) MY ZIMBABWEAN BUNNY: Amani Nsemwa (Tanzania) The Political Table:Annette Mbapa Ikongo(Tanzania)Please shut the door:Annette Mbapa Ikongo(Tanzania) yesterday’s poem:Archie Swanson(South Africa)shooting star:Archie Swanson(South Africa)mentor:Archie Swanson(South Africa) The grumpy woman:Athene Nyarai Mutyambizi(Zimbabwe)ESU’S CALL:Ogunleye Gbemisola (Nigeria)
THE SMOKE THAT MUST BE DOUSED:Ojonugwa John Attah (Nigeria)THE RING WE FIGHT IN:Ojonugwa John Attah (Nigeria)THE BEAUTIFUL HOLES IN YOUR SHOES:Ojonugwa John Attah (Nigeria) DEAR MAN, YOU CAN TOUCH MY BREASTS:Brenda Anyango Midamba. (Kenya)SUICIDE PLAYBACK:Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa (Botswana)on news you cannot keep your children from hearing:Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa (Botswana) Violence:Carl Capitaine(South Africa)Good News:Carl Capitaine(South Africa)Sleepy Talk:Carl Capitaine(South Africa)Coping:Carlin Brown (South Africa) Sonnet:Chaun Ballard (USA)Minya, Egypt:Chaun Ballard (USA)Q & A:Chaun Ballard (USA)as you withhold forgive!:Chenjerai Mhondera(Zimbabwe)MAKANA M B NWATA NWANY:Chinedu Vincent Okoro (Nigeria)Mourning the Former First Monster:Christopher ‘Voice’ Kudyahakudadirwe (Zimbabwe)The Harvest of Fear:Christopher ‘Voice’ Kudyahakudadirwe (Zimbabwe)Salesmen of Nightmares:Christopher ‘Voice’ Kudyahakudadirwe (Zimbabwe)Cigarettes, Brandy and Kicked in Doors:Troy Da Costa (Zimbabwe)The Roots of My Hair:Troy Da Costa (Zimbabwe)The Poet & the Sea:Daisy May(South Africa)Zola:Daisy May(South Africa)A Place You’ll Never Know:Daisy May(South Africa)I feel Her Beauty:Dennis Brad Kunguru (Kenya)Tell me how it will be:Dennis Brad Kunguru(Kenya)Walking in the rain:Dlephu Mthokozisi Simlindile(South Africa)South Africa: Dlephu Mthokozisi Simlindile(South Africa)This car:Dlephu Mthokozisi Simlindile(South Africa)
BEAUTY BEHELD:Dorcas Wairuri Maina (Kenya)OPEN AIR:Dorcas Wairuri Maina(Kenya)FRAIL TREASURES OF TIME:Dorcas Wairuri Maina (Kenya) BLACKWORTH:Elijah Aniah(Nigeria)BRANCHES:Elijah Aniah(Nigeria)ISOLATION MEANS HOME:Elijah Aniah(Nigeria)Words Untold:Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema (Malawi) Behind it:Emmanuel Chitsanzo Mtema (Malawi)Enemies of the Word:Fareed Agyakwah (Ghana)Xenophobia (We Live in Times of Fear):Fareed Agyakwah (Ghana)Passion:Fareed Agyakwah (Ghana) Party colors:Gabriel Awuah Mainoo(Ghana)7 shapes of God:Gabriel Awuah Mainoo (Ghana)Passerby:Gabriel Awuah Mainoo (Ghana)Time is a Farce:Beaton Galafa (Malawi)Black Hole:Beaton Galafa (Malawi)R. I. P.:Beaton Galafa (Malawi)I WILL DIE AFRCAN:Geoffrey Pande Mutale (Zambia) MOTIVATION:Kiplan Deon (Kenya)The Umbrella and Broom:Iloke, Chukwuemeka (Nigeria)Python Dance:Iloke, Chukwuemeka (Nigeria)The Last Finger Touch:Iloke, Chukwuemeka (Nigeria)Ma:Jarryd Terblanche (South Africa)Body:Jarryd Terblanche (South Africa)THE WORM IN OUR WOMB:Jerusha Kananu (Kenya) Refuse to Die:Jonas Zaithwa Chisi (Malawi)Doppelganger:Jonas Zaithwa Chisi (Malawi)My Adze:Jonas Zaithwa Chisi (Malawi)Crossing lines:Joseph Hope(Nigeria)Rendezvous:Joseph Hope(Nigeria) Ma’s house:Kirsten Deane(South Africa)11 cigarettes:Kirsten Deane(South Africa)Master of All:Kudzai N. Manzira (Zimbabwe) PIECES:Lebile Melt Tosin (Nigeria)Diamond Town:Lex Loizides(South Africa)love safari:Lex Loizides(South Africa)
the mountain and the sea:Lex Loizides(South Africa) Indigenous languages and Translational poetry………128-148 GQALANI UKWENZA KWENU MZ' ONTSUNDU:Lubabalo Tatase(South Africa)NDINQWENELA UKUBA YIMBONGI:Lubabalo Tatase (South Africa)NDITHUNYWA NGUMOYA:Lubabalo Tatase(South Africa)Lenguas viperinas:Encarnación Bioko Chochi (Spain)Viperine languages:Encarnación Bioko Chochi Spain)Esencia:Encarnación Bioko Chochi Spain)Essence:Encarnación Bioko Chochi Spain)Tez libre:Encarnación Bioko Chochi Spain)Complexion:Encarnación Bioko Chochi Spain)AMIZADE:Maria Manuel Menezes (Angola)FRIENDSHIP:Maria Manuel Menezes(Angola),Translated byNuri S. M .TorresTRAGÉDIAS VIVAS - ALERTA À HUMANIDADE:Maria Manuel Menezes(Angola)LIVING TRAGEDIES- ALERT TO HUMANITY:Maria Manuel Menezes(Angola),Translated byNuri S. M .TorresSE ALGUÉM DE MIM GOSTAR:Maria Manuel Menezes(Angola)IF ANYONE LIKES ME:Maria Manuel Menezes(Angola), Translated byNuri S. M .TorresNga zendawo na-madji:Baldine Moussa (Ils Comores)Ça part en fume:Baldine Moussa (Ils Comores)English poems, part 2……………………………………149-245 The ugly conception of reality:Macdonald Emeka Oparaocha (Nigeria)Untitled:Macdonald Emeka Oparaocha(Nigeria) Tragedy of a new lover:Mandhla A Mavolwane (Zimbabwe)Adam and Eve:Mandhla A Mavolwane (Zimbabwe)Another Body:Marial Awendit(South Sudan)
Two Tastes of the Lord’s Prayer after Roasting a Tortoise: Marial Awendit(South Sudan)Of buds:Marial Awendit(South Sudan)African Pride:Martin Chrispine Juwa (Malawi)An African Drum:Martin Chrispine Juwa (Malawi)THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY:Mayende Collins Israel (Uganda)Scattered Seed:Mbonisi Zikhali (Zimbabwe)Walking On Eggshells:Mbonisi Zikhali (Zimbabwe)Reflections:Mbonisi Zikhali (Zimbabwe)DAYS OF THE ANCESTORS:Michael C. Ikegwu(Nigeria)Pledges:Michael Ace(Nigeria)Elegy:Michael Ace(Nigeria)Goodbye:Michael Ace(Nigeria)A Cry In The Wilderness:Modest Dhlakama (Zimbabwe)Load Shedding Or Load Adding:Modest Dhlakama (Zimbabwe)J.V.F:Mthabisi Sithole (Zimbabwe)the broad day:Mthabisi Sithole (Zimbabwe)Unbound:Mthabisi Sithole (Zimbabwe)They have a dream:Nica Cornell (South Africa)CJR:Nica Cornell (South Africa)Original Sin: Nica Cornell (South Africa)I AM…:Noncedo Khewu (South Africa)a song for mother:Nosakhare Collins(Nigeria)when we died in the midst of salvation:Nosakhare Collins (Nigeria)Untitled:Ntseka Masoabi (Lesotho)Noxolo: Ntseka Masoabi (Lesotho) THE GENESIS:Odemakin Taiwo Hassan (Nigeria)THE REVELATON:Odemakin Taiwo Hassan (Nigeria)Lords of Poverty:Elegba Grace Oluwadunsin (Nigeria)BLACK:Elegba Grace Oluwadunsin (Nigeria)THE RAVEN:Omadang Yowasi (Uganda)Meat me:Oscar Ashitiva (Kenya) STILL WAITING:Blandina Manditereza (Zimbabwe)Police Officer:Natasha Tinotenda Gwiriri (Zimbabwe)
Sudden death:Oscar Gwiriri (Zimbabwe)Tribute to Chiwoniso Maraire:Oscar Gwiriri (Zimbabwe)Child cry:Simbarashe Chirikure (Zimbabwe)COLOUR ME:Prosper Kavunika (Zimbabwe)REBELUTION:Prosper Kavunika (Zimbabwe)NATURE VIBES:Prosper Kavunika (Zimbabwe)TEARS ON MY PILLOW:Rebecca Kwengwere (Zimbabwe)My dream and You:Seyi Stephen Segun (Nigeria)The man by the lake:Seyi Stephen Segun (Nigeria)The fires eating us up from inside:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa)What if South Africa wasn’t a death zone?:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa)Sitting on tragedy too long:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa)When Shall We Sing A New Song:Solomon Sunday (Nigeria)Tin gods:Solomon Sunday (Nigeria)Beyond Our Bodies:Solomon Sunday (Nigeria)I CRY FOR YOU:Tanaka Bandera (Zimbabwe)Hybridity:Tanaka Chidora (Zimbabwe)issues of blood:Tanaka Chidora (Zimbabwe)birthday stream of consciousness:Tanaka Chidora (Zimbabwe)Look Who’s Talking:Troydon Wainwright (South Africa)The Words:Troydon Wainwright (South Africa)The Future:Troydon Wainwright (South Africa)Maternity (trilogy):Tukur Ridwan Olorunloba (Nigeria)Arson:Vinlaw Mudehwe (Zimbabwe)Moonlight:Vinlaw Mudehwe (Zimbabwe)VULTURES:Wilson Tinotenda Waison (Zimbabwe)THE FLY:Wilson Tinotenda Waison (Zimbabwe)After the winter, or, a woman screaming:Abigail George (South Africa)I don't want to be a figure mo thers lean their ch ildren into: Abigail George (South Africa)Where they can't hurt me and Sylvia Plath:Abigail George (South Africa)Caesar Beware:Jabulani Mzinyathi (Zimbabwe)
The Blinded:Jabulani Mzinyathi (Zimbabwe)The Tattoo:Jabulani Mzinyathi (Zimbabwe) The First “F” in Zimbabwe is Fuck[ed] up:Tendai Rinos Mwanaka (Zimbabwe)Pretoria, 2 February 2018:Tendai Rinos Mwanaka(Zimbabwe)14 February 2018:Tendai Rinos Mwanaka(Zimbabwe)Portuguese poems………………………………………246-256 Mãe:Arlindo Mendonça Andrade (Cabo Verde)SAUDADES DE MINHA CASA:Ozias Cambanje (Moçambique)REVOLTAS DO SILÊNCIO:Ozias Cambanje (Moçambique)O amor não é para os fracos:Lorna Telma António Zita (Moçambique)Amei-te:Lorna Telma António Zita (Moçambique)Pétalas rasgadas:(Angola)Fernando Paciência Luteiro Palaia Negro:Fernando Paciência Luteiro Palaia (Angola)Inocencia:Fernando Paciência Luteiro Palaia (Angola)INSTANTE NOSSO:Soberano Canhanga (Angola)French poems……………………………………………257-267 L’Espoir est partout:Gonai Lou Danielle (Cote d’Ivoire)Apprendre à mourir:Herman Kamwa (Cameroun)Au bout du fil:Herman Kamwa (Cameroun) Au gré du vent:Herman Kamwa (Cameroun) Nouveaux gouvernements en Afrique:Nsah Mala (Cameroun)Les Queues d’Etats Africains:Nsah Mala (Cameroun) Cartes corporelles et virtuelles:Nsah Mala (Cameroun) Sur les traces de sang :Luc KOFFI(Cote d’Ivoire)Pour voir l’Afrique:Luc KOFFI(Cote d’Ivoire)Le masque de mort :Luc KOFFI(Cote d’Ivoire)Publisher’s List:New African PoetsSeries……………268-269