Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain


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Sheila Moss moves into suburban Spartan Street to lead a quiet, respectable life with a handful of lodgers for company.
But she soon discovers that her glossy neighbours, bored with their perfect lifestyles and their absent husbands, are on the prowl, hunting for excitement wherever they can find it, and the more varied and kinky the better. It¿s not long before they set their sights on number 44 and arrive on Sheila¿s doorstep, demanding that she come out to play.
Sheila is soon caught up in their intimate world of so-called coffee mornings and ¿truth or dare¿ parties where anything goes so long as it¿s totally debauched. Anyone crossing the threshold must submit to their erotic games. And it¿s not long before they reckon they¿ve unleashed the devil in Miss Moss.
But behind her curtains, behind her prim façade, Sheila hides her own dirty secrets. Secrets that those perfect neighbours are determined to find out.



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Published 24 November 2009
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Behind the Curtain