Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry


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Natasha is feeling deprived of kinky sex. Unfortunately, She walks straight into the flabby embrace of the awful Monty Hartle, whose main joy in life is the humiliation of women. Before long, Natasha finds that she can't handle the filthy Monty, and that what her therapist, Gabrielle, really wants is not work-related at all!
A powerful, believable story of `mischievious Natasha on a humiliating, exhilatating, wet-knickered thrill ride through rural France. Titles in this series featuring Natasha are: Brat,Temper Tantrums, Dirty Laundry, Peach, When she was Bad, In Disgrace, What Happens to Bad Girls? and Bare, White & Rosy.

'Stylish SM fiction' Forum 'Classy brand of CP-oriented literature' Desire Direct



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Published 13 April 2010
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EAN13 9780753529423
Language English

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Dirty Laundry