Rough With The Smooth

Rough With The Smooth


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Jonathan Carey works with young unemployed men at St Mark¿s ¿ a drop-in centre in a run ¿down area of North London. It¿s a part of the city where the only grown industries are outside the law ¿ and the men he cares for are often left to choose between lives of idleness or violence. Until they begin to explore a third alternative, finding pleasures in each other that they never imagined.

Stewart is one such man, dividing his time between the increasingly sensual games at St Mark¿s and a mysterious gang in which sex plays as important a role as crime. As Jonathan too is sucked into the erotic interplay between the young men in his charge, he finds himself increasingly drawn to the aloof Stewart. But can Jonathan save him from the dark allure of the criminal underworld?



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Published 30 November 2010
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Rough With The Smooth