The Fidelity Files

The Fidelity Files


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¿My mission has been clear from day one. Uncover the truth. Give women a chance to move on with their lives. But not everyone sees this job as a worthy cause¿They¿d see me as a woman who knowingly flirts with married men and then breaks up relationships. Ruins families. Tears people apart. And that¿s why I keep it to myself.¿
Working under the code name ¿Ashlyn¿, Jennifer Hunter leads a double life. Her friends and family all think she¿s an investment banker who¿s too busy to date. In reality, Jennifer is a professional honey-trap, hired by suspicious wives and girlfriends to test the fidelity of the men in their lives. Her job has made her pretty cynical about her own love life. But just as she¿s ready to swear off men for ever, Jennifer meets sexy, sophisticated Jamie Richards, a man who might just past her fidelity test. However, before she retires her secret agent self forever, she takes on one last assignment ¿ a job which will permanently alter her perceptions of trust, honesty, and love.



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Published 15 September 2009
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The Fidelity Files