The Virgin Queen

The Virgin Queen's Daughter


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The court of the Queen Elizabeth is a hot-bed of intrigue and ambition...

It is a place where reputations can stand or fall on the merest hint of scandal. Lingering rumours even surround the Virgin Queen herself, despite the fate of those foolish enough to besmirch her reputation.

The arrival in court of Nell de Lacey merely succeeds in adding fuel to the flames. Young Nell catches the eye not only of the cunning Elizabeth, but of those who would see the queen fail.

Nell is the spit of the young Queen and that coupled with a old mystery about a missing portion of the Queen's past some years prior, is enough to set tongues wagging and place Nell on a dangerous journey that could all so easily end with her head on a block...



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Published 19 January 2012
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The Virgin Queen's Daughter