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A Writer's Guide to Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy


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For aspiring writers of the Sci Fi & Fantasy genre, this book by best-selling authors Crawford Kilian and Silvia Moreno-Garcia will light the way to creating your own books. Develop believable fantasy worlds using the practical techniques outlined here.
The book offers practical, put-the-book-down-and-start-writing advice—not just pep talks and success stories. It explains genres and how to bend and blend them, and gives concrete suggestions on how to overcome the inevitable problems new writers face—suggestions like being your own editor, developing plausible characters, and how to build a plot without writing formula fiction. It also reflects the authors’ experiences as professional writers over a period of close to 50 years and right up to today.
Writers of any age who love reading in these genres, and who want to join the conversation by writing their own SF or fantasy will be interested in this book. Some will be teenagers; others will be seniors; some will be professional writers teaching courses or workshops in speculative fiction and fantasy. Some will be regular attendees at SF/fantasy conventions; others will have at best one or two friends who share their interests, but have no particular ability as writers or editors. They may read print magazines like Analog, or go online to read Locus for news of books and authors in the field. Many (but not all) love the big franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars, and might just want to write fan fiction. If so, our book will also show them ways to find their own voice and build their own worlds.
The audience is a high multiple of the number of people who actually do write and publish SF/fantasy. Since the approach is a practical one, this book will attract the dreamers as well as help more aspiring authors not only to get that first novel published, but go on to extended careers.



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Published 01 November 2019
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