Capturing Cressida

Capturing Cressida


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SM Erotica. Cressida is a beautiful young university student. When she is suddenly kidnapped in the dead of night, she-s taken to a house in the woods, where the evil Mr. Roberts tells her that he plans to sell her as a sex slave. With her pubic hair shaved and dressed like a schoolgirl, she's forced to perform a striptease, as Mr. Roberts makes a video of the act for prospective buyers to view. She is later beaten to make her submit, then made to fellate her captor, all before the camera. Once sold, Cressida is flown to a mysterious destination, a palace in an unknown country, when she learns that she has been purchased by the wealthy Ruslan, and will be one of his many sex slaves. Sandhu, his right hand man takes charge of her sexual indoctrination and training. When she rebels, she-s cruelly punished. Although Cressida resents Sandhu-s authority over her, she is strangely drawn to her compelling trainer. Cressida is meticulously prepared for her first visit to Ruslan, through thorough physical workouts, a tattooing and elaborate henna designs painted on her body. Finally presented to her owner, Cressida learns he is a cold and degrading man. But protesting his treatment, only earns her a cruel whipping. When she-s given to yet another man she revolts. Sandhu drags her away, and chains her up to await what-s sure to be a horrific punishment. When Sandhu tells her that she has disappointed him with her disobedience, despite his careful training, Cressida is mortified, realizing only now that he has developed feelings for her. As the cruel punishment for her latest crime commences, a local uprising in Ruslan-s realm, threatens everything. Can Cressida escape her owner-s grasp? Can she find love from a most unexpected lover? Or, will she be forever consigned to serve the ruthless degradation of powerful owners, who keep her life locked firmly in their ruthless grasp. A stunning, passionate and romantic SM tale.



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Published 24 September 2007
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EAN13 9781934349380
Language English

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Capturing Cressida