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JUST FOR YOU - 3 sensational explicit erotic stories: taboo, cheating wives, shemale, threesome,anal,bbc, fetish and lot more -


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You are about to discover a collection of nasty, hot, and passionate stories of all kinds that will keep you relaxed, entertained, horny, and captivated!
Forget watching porn! If you’ve had enough of it or simply don’t want to rely on porn to get your dose of lust, passion, and libido inducement simply because, as you know, porn gets boring at some point, now is time to try something different.
If you:
-Love exquisite erotic fiction
-Particularly enjoy stories of kinky love
-Aren’t afraid of breaking deep-seated taboos
This book will be your faithful companion on your way to the heights of pleasure!
Life is short. Spend it by exploring your wildest sexual fantasies!
In Jay Palmer stories, you will be listening about the hottest, raunchiest, and most taboo sex stories that will make a nun blush!
We all have desires that we try hard to keep hidden. But, then again, we're only human...and humans are creatures driven by both reason and sex - there is no in-between.
Indulge yourself, and quench the inner thirst you've been keeping inside all this time.
This is the audiobook for you! What are you waiting for?
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Published 12 August 2020
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