Protege Mistress

Protege Mistress


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Kevin wins a chance to give a foot massage to his secret crush, Diane, when he loses a card game. He brings a beer into her living room to find Diane, who is a stickler about coasters, has set his on the floor. He kneels in front of her and pays up on his bet. After her massage, Diane gets Kevin to admit that he was hoping for a kiss. She offers her feet, and while he is passionately kissing them he is treated to the sight of Diane pleasuring herself. Diane is Kevin’s manager at the pizza shop and after proving himself so useful, she promotes him to Manager’s Little Helper. She includes Monica, another driver, in their celebration of his promotion, and Kevin soon learns Monica isn’t simply aware of Diane’s power over him; she encouraged Diane to claim it. Both women have Kevin hustling around the pizza shop to make their jobs easier. They initiate a demerit system, where either of them can assign demerits for his failings. Monica piles them on. Monica has a party with Diane and a couple new friends, and Kevin is locked in the closet. He is the surprise waiter! He serves the ladies drinks and appetizers, and acts as a coffee table when they put up their feet. Monica has devised a cruel game where Kevin has to scamper across the floor for a ball and bring it to the feet of a lady Years pass, and Diane runs into Monica. The two of them have coffee, and Diane discovers that the incredibly powerful looking Monica is a bona fide dominatrix. Catching Monica up on her life, Diane shyly admits that she married Kevin, from the pizza shop. Monica sounds surprisingly pleased, but when Diane divulges that their marriage is a little bland, Monica arranges to show up for a visit. Kevin, thoroughly shocked to see Monica again, grudgingly does as he’s told when Monica informs him that he has not been pleasing his wife. Over the course of the next few weeks Monica gives explicit instructions on exactly what Kevin is to do to make amends with his wife, and visits once a week to make sure he’s followed through. A massive change happens to Kevin & Diane’s marriage with the help of the feisty dominatrix.



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Published 10 June 2011
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Protege Mistress