Revenge and Redemption


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He wants his revenge:
To lure Anne to a remote lodge,
And punish her for her role in his betrayal.

Surviving a broken heart, courtesy of Steve Jamison – the love of her life who left her without warning or an explanation – has been Anne's daily struggle for the last fifteen months.
Only the thought of revenge has sustained Steve, who was double crossed and nearly beaten to death. The betrayal left him scarred, emotionally as well as physically. He intends to take Anne in all the ways he fantasized about – to mercilessly use her body to reclaim his virility.
As physical boundaries are crossed, defenses come down and truths emerge – but the truth may be even more devastating than the lies they'd each believed.
Publisher's note: This steamy dark romance contains elements of power exchange.



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Published 08 June 2018
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EAN13 9781612587714
Language English

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Mia Easton Revenge and Redemption
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"You're so beautiful," he murmured. "How is it you don't know that? I always wanted to ask you that. But I didn't. I treated you like everyone treats you, with kid gloves." She would have laughed at that, except it took too much energy. Growing up, she'd never heard anything except how ugly and stupid she was. Lisa had been cruel, and Marshall had never said or done one thing to help. Of course, she was over it now. She'd learned long ago that each person had to ulti mately decide what and who was and was not good for them and act accordingly. She had believed Steve was good for her until he'd left her, never to contact her or re surface until now when he'd only come back to exact some kind of revenge on her and her b rother. She tentatively touched the soft, moist valley betw een her legs. She was very wet. Only Steve had ever gotten her this wet and full of desire. It was unbelievable that she could still feel that way after what he'd put her t hrough. She began gently tapping and then stroking her clit. She sucked in her bottom li p, aware of her increased respiration. "Open your eyes," he said in a husky voice. "I want you to watch me watching you." It was not easy, but she obeyed. He was obviously a ffected by the sight of her. He was unzipping his jeans, revealing a huge erection. She'd forgotten his size. She slipped her finger in herself and started heat buil ding deep within. "That's nice. It's good." He kept watching and bega n stroking his cock. My God,she thought.I want it in me. I want him in me. "Two fingers," he ordered. She obeyed and moaned. "That's it. Find a rhythm. Find the spot." "Steve," she objected. "C'mon. Please, I don't want to do this anymore." "Your body is saying otherwise. You are so wet. I want you to come." "You know I don't do that." There was a beat of silence. "You've still never ha d an orgasm?" She turned away from his prying gaze. Her face was on fire along with the rest of her. Damn him. "You're going to. Make it feel good. Touch anywhere you want." "I don't want to at all," she retorted. "Well, that's not an option." There was no real choice and so she closed her eyes again, blocking him out, and stroked herself, finding the right amount of pressu re. Her breathing became raspy and irregular, interspersed with soft grunts. Steve couldn't take his eyes off her. He'd never lo ved anyone but her, no matter how she had hurt him. He would hurt her back but he would enjoy this, too. For the first
time in months, sexual desire had taken control of his body and mind. He'd tried to get involved with other women in the last few months, b ut he hadn't been successful at it. It was as if everything, including his manhood, had be en taken from him on that September day. She'd been a big part of the damage and he'd long ago figured out she'd have to be part of the solution. He was nearing the point where he could come, but i t was obvious she was slowing down with the intention of stopping. Just as he sus pected, she pulled her hand away. "Why are you stopping?" he asked harshly. "Don't stop."
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