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Do you want to go back in time, go on an adventure in the days of knights or pharaohs? At the time of the Sun King or the conquest of the West? Then the historical novel is the book for you. Indeed, it is the type of work for all those who like to read and who are interested in History with a capital H… You will find on this page a multitude of information on the subject, but especially a very large choice of novels , so enjoy!

But what is it ?

To put it simply, a historical novel is a particular type of literary work which is based on often important historical facts and events . In this space-time framework will be grafted the adventure of a real or fictional character . This kind of work will therefore use History as the backdrop for its narrative and this is the fundamental difference between this kind of fictionalized literature and the others, because the fact that the novel does not take place during the period of writing by the author completely changes the situation.

In a historical novel , the reader will therefore be taken to another place, to another time and the different actions and stories that will happen there will therefore be very different. On the other hand, it is necessary to be careful, one cannot consider like a book of this type, a novel which was written by some alive, for example, in the Middle Ages and narrating an epic of this time.

The appearance of the historical novel

Even if the novel appeared between Greek Antiquity and the Middle Ages, it will be necessary to wait several centuries before being able to read the first works of historical literature like  La Princesse de Clèves  by Madame de la Fayette or even the works of César Vichard of Saint-Réal.

One of the founding fathers of the modern historical novel book is undoubtedly Walter Scott with his famous work Ivanhoé published in 1819. Indeed, this last worked out what still today the model of the historical novel. Then, other great writers will arrive, including a certain Alexandre Dumas with his novels of cape and sword.

During the XIX th and XX th century , this kind of literature will strongly develop with several sub-genres, different eras that are processed by the authors. Today there are several thousand works that are part of historical literature and that take the reader to the time of the pyramids, the Roman Republic, the great invasions, the crusades, the Hundred Years War or even the Century of lights.

A specific construction

As has already been said, this kind of book is a very special type of novel. The whole fictional or real event of the historical novel book must be in a historical (real) context. The author must also integrate the intrigue or the event of the book in the most realistic way possible compared to History. In order not to be mistaken, the writers of historical literature must therefore read and document themselves to avoid errors.

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Other genres of novels

In addition to historical literature and stories that take you back in time, there are many other major categories of literature such as: