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<P>The private diary of James G. McDonald (1886–1964) offers a unique and hitherto unknown source on the early history of the Nazi regime and the Roosevelt administration’s reactions to Nazi persecution of German Jews. Considered for the post of U.S. ambassador to Germany at the start of FDR’s presidency, McDonald traveled to Germany in 1932 and met with Hitler soon after the Nazis came to power. Fearing Nazi intentions to remove or destroy Jews in Germany, in 1933 he became League of Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and sought aid from the international community to resettle outside the Reich Jews and others persecuted there. In late 1935 he resigned in protest at the lack of support for his work.</P><P>This is the eagerly awaited first of a projected three-volume work that will significantly revise the ways that scholars and the world view the antecedents of the Holocaust, the Shoah itself, and its aftermath.</P>
<P>Contents<BR>Acknowledgements<BR>Introduction: Young Man from Indiana by Barbara McDonald Stewart<BR>1. Foreshadowing: Summer-Fall 1932<BR>2. The Nazi Revolution: Winter 1932-Spring 1933<BR>3. American Reactions: Late April-May 1933<BR>4. Alerting Others: June-August 1933<BR>5. Lobbying for League Action: September 1933<BR>6. High Commissioner: October 1933<BR>7. A Bridge from Lausanne to Berlin: November 1933<BR>8. Proposal for a Corporation: December 1933<BR>9. Washington's Views: January 1934<BR>10. Testing Germany/Family Crisis: February 1934<BR>11. Raising Funds: March 1934<BR>12. The "Jewish Question" in Europe: April 1934<BR>13. Emigration Options?: May 1934<BR>14. Turn for the Worse: June 1934<BR>15. Visit to the Saar: July 1934<BR>16. The League Keeps its Distance: August 1934<BR>17. The Climate in Geneva: September 1934<BR>18. Criticism is Easy: October 1934<BR>19. Grand Tour: November 1934<BR>20. Home Leave: December 1934<BR>21. The Catholic Connection: January 1935<BR>22. A Diplomatic Maneuver: February 1935<BR>23. Brazil: March 1935<BR>24. South American Survey: April 1935<BR>25. Regret and Relief: May 1935<BR>26. Downsizing: June 1935<BR>27. Liquidation Plans: July 1935<BR>Conclusion by Richard Breitman<BR>Index</P>



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