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Indiana Daily Student

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For more than 150 years, Indiana University Bloomington's student-produced newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student, has grown and changed with the times and the school. Generations of student journalists, armed with notepads, cameras and a tireless devotion, have pursued both local and national stories since the newspaper's debut in 1867. In Indiana Daily Student: 150 Years of Headlines, Deadlines and Bylines, editors and IDS alumni Rachel Kipp, Amy Wimmer Schwarb and Charles Scudder piece together behind-the-scenes remembrances from former IDS reporters and photographers, newsroom images from throughout the decades and a curated collection of notable IDS front pages. From coverage of the end of World War I to the selection of Herman B Wells as IU's president to the Hoosiers' national basketball championship titles to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the IDS has chronicled news from a student perspective. Today, it serves as a training ground for fledgling journalists who have gone on to be monumental voices in American and global media. Remembrances from some of the most prominent journalists to emerge from the IDS are included here: among them, publisher and journalism philanthropist Nelson Poynter; National Public Radio television critic Eric Deggans; and Pulitzer Prize winners Ernie Pyle, Thomas French and Melissa Farlow. While at IU, students at the IDS built and maintained beloved traditions they continue to share today, all while offering a full spectrum of coverage for their readers. The first book on the paper's history, Indiana Daily Student offers a comprehensive celebration of the newspaper's achievements, as well as historic front pages, photographs and personal narratives from current and former IDS journalists.

Foreword: The IDS, Held Up to Light / Amy Wimmer Schwarb, BAJ 1998


'Allegiance to No Faction': A History of the IDS / Ray E. Boomhower, BA 1982, MA 1995

In the World, on Campus, at the Newsroom / Jamie Zega, BAJ 2018

1. 1867–1914

Reflection: In the Beginning / Marjorie Smith Blewett, BA 1948

From the Archives: Infant IDS Lives Again as Dr. Bryan Reminisces / from the IDS, October 10, 1954

Profile: Florence Myrick Ahl / from the 2011 IU School of Journalism Centennial Distinguished Alumni Award program

From the Archives: The Course in Journalism / from the 1908 Arbutus

2. 1915–1938

Reflection: Returning from War to a Time of Growth / J. Dwight Peterson, BA 1919, LLD 1966

Behind the Story: An Innovative—and Dusty—Tradition / Rachel Kipp, BAJ 2002

From the Archives: It's in the Air / from the IDS, September 5, 1922

Behind the Story: The Keepers of IDS Traditions / Rachel Kipp, BAJ 2002

Behind the Story: Tight Times, Newspaper Extras and a Brush with Ernie Pyle / Robert C. Pebworth, BA 1932

From the Archives: 'He Died for the Republic' / from the IDS, October 5, 1922

3. 1939–1954

Reflection: The 'Lucky Coincidence' That Led to a Historic Extra / Winston Fournier, BA 1946

Profile: John E. Stempel / adapted from the IDS, January 22, 1982

From the Archives: 'The Hurt Has Become Too Great' / adapted from the IDS, April 28, 1945

Reflection: An 'Endless' Wait—and Then a Two-Day Nap / Mary Monroe, BA 1946

Behind the Story: Chronicling 'On-Track Feats and Off-Track Warts' / John Schwarb, BAJ 1996

Reflection: Linotype Memories / Marjorie Smith Blewett, BA 1948

From the Archives: 'The Shack' Still Lives . . . in Our Hearts / from the IDS, May 29, 1954

4. 1955–1969

Reflection: Racing Deadline / Myrna Oliver, BA 1964

Behind the Story: The Breaking News That Shaped a Generation / Joel Whitaker, BS 1964, MA 1971

Reflection: When the Editor is Edited / Craig Klugman, BA 1967

Reflection: From Bloomington to Abbey Road / Alan Sutton, BA 1970

From the Archives: Kennedy Asks That Indianapolis Crowd Pray For King Family / from the IDS, April 5, 1968

Behind the Story: The Indiana Daily Student: Evaluation and Suggestions / adapted from the Board of Aeons Report

5. 1970–1981

Profile: Jack Backer / adapted from the IDS, December 6, 1982

Reflection: Finding a Place behind the Camera / Melissa Farlow, BA 1974

Reflection: Covering Knight's Hoosiers / Mark Montieth, BAJ 1977

From the Archives: 'Breaking Away' Superficial, Trivial / from the IDS, April 23, 1979

Reflection: The Tribe of Ernie Pyle Hall / Thomas French, BAJ 1980

From the Archives: Why the Daily Student Is Discontinuing Free Papers / from the IDS, March 12, 1981

Behind the Story: Training Ground for Pulitzer Winners / Charles Scudder, BAJ 2014

6. 1982–1996

From the Archives: Carmichael Lived through His Music / from the IDS, January 5, 1982

Behind the Story: CompuScum, VDTs and That Garish Gold / Paul Heaton, BA 1984

Reflection: Prepared in More Ways Than One / Eric Deggans, BA 1990

Profile: Pat Siddons / adapted from the IDS, September 1, 2004

Behind the Story: The Night I Used a Nick's Menu as a Straightedge / Kathryn Flynn, BA 1987

Behind the Story: City Editor and . . . Fashion Aficionado? / Kevin Corcoran, BA 1988

From the Archives: IDS Editors Still Ponder at Ernie's Desk / from the IDS, October 8, 1953

Behind the Story: The Semester I Gave the Campus Sex Advice / Joe Vince, BAJ 1997

Reflection: All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Backshop / Jeff Vrabel, BAJ 1997

Profile: John Jackson / adapted from the IDS, March 18, 1996

From the Archives: IDS Online Edition Now Available on Internet / from the IDS, October 22, 1996

7. 1997–2008

Reflection: Writing for the Campus—and for Grandma Millie / Rachel Kipp, BAJ 2002

From the Archives: Our Own Jolly St. Nick / from the IDS, March 20, 2000

Reflection: 'Our World Was Changing before Our Eyes' / Gina Czark, BAJ 2002

Reflection: The Drive to Be First—and the Torture of Being Wrong / Aaron Sharockman, BAJ 2003

Reflection: On Diversity at the IDS and in Daily Life / George Lyle IV, BAJ 2005

Profile: David L. Adams / from the IDS, June 4, 2007

Behind the Story: Ending the Semester with a Splash

8. 2009–Present

Reflection: Goodnight, Brian / Biz Carson, BAJ 2012

Profile: Ron Johnson / Michael Auslen, BAJ 2014

Reflection: Moving Out, Moving On / Charles Scudder, BAJ 2014

From the Archives: The IDS Will No Longer Print Five Days a Week, and That Is Ok / from March 27, 2017

Reflection: Changes and Challenges / Jim Rodenbush

Afterword / Ruth Witmer, BA 1987

Final Word / Herman B Wells, BS 1924, MA 1927

Appendix: IDS Editors-in-Chief, 1867–2018




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