Keeping our Republic
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Keeping our Republic



There is something wrong with our politics that elections cannot solve. In recent years, we have had a Republican Congress with a Democratic president, a Republican Congress with a Republican president, a Democratic Congress with a Republican president, and a Democratic Congress with a Democratic president. The "New Democrat" of 1992 produced a "Republican Revolution" in 1994. We cleansed ourselves of Clinton Administration corruption in 2000 only to have to punish Republican corruption in 2006. "Hope and Change" triumphed in 2008, while "Change That Matters" flopped in 2010. For nearly twenty years, the American people have tried to mind their own business at home while carrying on a seemingly futile search for the right combination of R's and D's in Washington. That search will not end until we address the roots of our political disorder: the progressive abandonment of our republican principles and heritage. Only a political reformation calling us back to the wisdom of our fathers and the founding documents of our nation can truly free us from the deeply-entrenched, bipartisan ruling class that is bankrupting and degrading us. Only a political reformation can "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity . . ."



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Published 01 December 2010
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