Montreal, City of Spires

Montreal, City of Spires


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By situating the church architecture within the cultural dynamic of Montreal, the author closes a critical gap in our understanding of those decades of the British Colonial Period (1760-1860) when church buildings and their parishioners overtly marked the urban scene.



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Published 19 March 2012
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Extrait de la publication
Extrait de la publication
Extrait de la publication
atrimoine urbain Urban Heritage
Series edited by Lucie K. Morisset
Although drastically altered by an increase in mobility and cultural exchange, relations between communities and their environment remain at the heart of modern identity con structions. Urban Heritage/Patrimoine urbain, an anthology compiled by the Canada Research Chair on Urban Heritage (ESGUQAM), proposes to explore the material foundations and imaginary configurations of this environment. From architecture to the city, and from creation to commemoration, the anthologized works examine heritage in its various mani festations to understand its processes and all its finery, learn to recognize its sudden appearances, and, when all is said and done, share and support the attachment communities feel for the world that surrounds them.
An analysis of both ideas and objects is therefore included, in an effort to understand the ingredients that bring life to the environment and the representations that forge the built landscape. Presented form from crossdisciplinary perspective,the works seek to nourish a reinvention of heritage as a projection into the future of our society.
In Urban Heritage/Patrimoine urbain, both young research ers and their more experienced counterparts, from all four corners of the planet, share their reflections with a wide range of readers interested in history, mythic constructions or simply the world around them. Stakeholders, decisionmakers and witnesses from the realms of architecture, urbanism and tourism, as well as the curious and ordinary citizens alike, are all invited to join in the process of discovery and debate.
M O N T R E A L City of Spires
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atrimoine urbain Urban Heritage
Series from the Canada Research Chair on Urban Heritage – ESG / UQAM
Habiter l’Arménie au Québec Ethnographie d'un patrimoine en diaspora MarieBlanche Fourcade 2011, ISBN 9782760526532, 304 pages
La ville Phénomène de représentation Edited byLucie K. Morisset and MarieÈve Breton 2011, ISBN 9782760526570, 352 pages
De la ville au patrimoine urbain Histoires de forme et de sens André Corboz and Lucie K. Morisset 2009, ISBN 9782760524798, 336 pages
Membre de
Quel avenir pour quelles églises ? What future for which churches ? Edited byLucie K. Morisset, Luc Noppen and Thomas Coomans 2006, ISBN 2760514315, 624 pages
Le combat du patrimoine à Montréal (19732003) Martin Drouin 2005, ISBN 2760513564, 402 pages
Les églises du Québec Un patrimoine à réinventer Luc Noppen and Lucie K. Morisset 2005, ISBN 2760513556, 456 pages
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M O N T R E A L City of Spires
Church Architec ture dur ing the Br it ish Colonial Per iod     -    
C l a r e n c e E p s t e i n
Presses de l’Université du Québec
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec and Library and Archives Canada cataloguing in publication Epstein, Clarence Montreal, City of Spires : Church Architecture during the British Colonial Period, 17601860 (Patrimoine urbain ; 7) Originally presented as the author’s thesis (doctoralUniversity of Edinburgh), 1999 under the title: Church architecture in Montreal during the BritishColonial period, 17601860. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 9782760534223 1. Church architecture – Québec (Province) – Montréal  History. 2. Architecture and society – Québec (Province) – Montréal. 3. Group identity – Québec (Province) – Montréal. 4. Montréal (Québec) – History. I. Title. II. Series: Patrimoine urbain ; 7. NA5247.M6E57 2012 726.509714’28 C20129402885
This volume of theUrban Heritage/Patrimoine urbainseries was granted the financial support of the following programs and organizations : – The Canada Research Chairs Program, thanks to the contribution of the Canada Research Chair on Urban Heritage ESG / UQAM (Luc Noppen, chairholder, 20082015) ; – The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council’s Strategic Knowledge Clusters Program, that subsidizes the Canadian Forum for Public Research on Heritage (Dir. Luc Noppen, Lucie K. Morisset and Martin Drouin, 20082015) ; – The Fondation de l’Université du Québec à Montréal.
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Layout and cover design : Starling Cover photos : Upper left –Church of St. Pierre Apôtre,Montreal. Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Centre d’archives de Québec.  Upper right –Champ de Mars, Montreal. Watercolour by Philip John Bainbrigge, 1838. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa.  Lower left –Notre Dame Street and the Old NotreDame Cathedral, Montreal, Lower Canada.  Watercolour by James Pattison Cockburn, 1829. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa.  Lower right –Interior View of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal. Watercolour by Thomas Seaton Scott.  Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa.
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Half French and half English—a diversity in manners and dress as well as in creeds—institutions drawn from the Coutume de Paris and the Parliament of Westminster— ancient feudalities and modern privileges—traditions of the Sulpicians and reminiscences of Lord Sydenham— nunneries next door to Manchester warehouses—bar risters pleading in the language of France and a custom house decorated with the Royal Arms of England—priests in long black dresses, and Scotch Presbyterians—cabmen in frieze jackets fresh from Ireland and native market cart ers in coloured sashes and nightcaps—in short, a com plication of incongruities; the old and new world jumbled together, and then assorted according to some odd device in social economics. Such is Montreal.
Wil liam Chambers,Things as They Are in America. Edinburgh, 1857, p. 53.
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