The New Prehistory. Vol. 12: The Unfinished Ballad
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The New Prehistory. Vol. 12: The Unfinished Ballad



Ah yes, dear reader, there are 50 000 other nuggets. You have to get them. If you could revel in Volume 11 above, you will have made reconciliation with volumes "geographical" implementation of the peoples migration. What then of those who return to their starting point — or arrival — on the landing beaches. After many vicissitudes, wars, genetics (yet it) shows the characteristics of each community. I take as an example the Scottish people which I have a chapter called The Scottish Ballad.

All is not as spectacular as the bursting of the Ainu and their roots in ancient traditions that allowed them to maintain their identity altogether remarkable in comparison with the old stuffed Eurasian continent conquest, conflict and genocide, fortresses and religions but still "unique".

Yet when you reach the last (?) volume to the last page, you will understand how the bagpipe was necessary for them to accompany their courage which is sufficient in itself.

I could have called this tome 12 "It is always the party", but life is not that fun. After this walk is fair to the thrones with the Yuezhi, the grape harvest...

In the meantime, enjoy the Scottish Ballad and follow closely the Silk Road.

G. Dhorbait



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