The New Prehistory. Vol. 4: The Danubian Europe
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The New Prehistory. Vol. 4: The Danubian Europe



Europe is a special case in the sense that this part of the continent identifies every period of human prehistory. There are also many hominids, archaic men and modern men who lived with Neanderthals. The separation was very difficult in modern humans of different migrations, and conclusions of Stage 3 Project confirmed the distinctions. It was not until the third and final planetary catastrophe that the population of the Earth began in the emergence of countless civilizations. Snatches emerged from the Aurignacian, but the climate and the numerical weakness of migrants did not allow a stronger foothold them. They even turned back to the south-west of their initial landing until complete disappearance.

It is therefore necessary that from 10,000 years BC a huge wave of migrants began a long journey without return. Here their adventure from the Iberian Peninsula and the southwest of France to the Black Sea under the title of Danubian Europe. This is indeed the Danube which served migratory vector and defines Southern Europe, the subject of this book in Northern Europe, the subject of Volume 6.

My now informed reader understands immediately why England was populated 75% from the Cantabrian chain, why Europe was colonized from the Bay of Biscay, why it was discovered 150 temples along the Danube, why there had very long houses accommodating several hundred people, etc. The migrations resulting from disasters take their place quite naturally in the emergence of so-called mysterious civilizations. This is not the Project Stage 3 that will affirm the opposite because more precise the sketched diagram...



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