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"Hannah Craig's This History That Just Happened places the reader at the nexus where rural and city life converge, bridging a world personal and political, natural and artful, in a voice always uniquely hers. Every word here is earned. And little, if anything, escapes this poet's heart, mind, or eye. History works through a keen imagination. These poems make us feel and listen differently, and images coalesce line by line and dare us to reside where fierce empathy and beauty abide."—Yusef Komunyakaa



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Published 01 February 2017
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line and dare us to reside where îerce empathy and beauty abide.”
us into conLict with our own historical perspectives. Interweaving col
thickness” in a world where “pain proves the body.”
manuscript was a înalist for the Akron Poetry Prize, the Fineline Com
Free Verse Edîtîons Edîted by Jon Tompson
This History That Just Happened
Hannah Craig
Winner of the New Measure Poetry Prize
Parlor Press Anderson, South Carolina
Paror Press C, Anderson, Sout Caroîna, 29621
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Names: Craîg, Hanna, autor. Tîte: hîs îstory tat just appened / Hanna Craîg. Descrîptîon: Anderson, Sout Caroîna : Paror Press, [2017] | Serîes: Free verse edîtîons | “Wînner o te New Measure Poetry Prîze.” ïdentîIers: CCN 2017038921 (prînt) | CCN 2017038951 (ebook) | ïSBN  9781602359031 (pd ) | ïSBN 9781602359048 (epub) | ïSBN 9781602359055 (  îbook) | ïSBN 9781602359062 (mobî) | ïSBN 9781602359024 (pbk. : ak. paper) CassîIcatîon: CC PS3603.R3534 (ebook) | CC PS3603.R3534 A6 2017 (prînt) |  DDC 811/.6--dc23 C record avaîabe at ttps://ccn.
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Acknowedgments vîî I1 Faît Heaîng3 Nattî Crow Road4 he Horses5 You Know ï’m Rîgt to Do So6 he Dream-Want7 he îtte Seep9 Wîte-Footed Bîrd11 ïn Wîc You Are Dîsappearîng rom te Natura Word Obvîousy12 ïnstîtutîon Poo13 And here, hat Was te Mîdde14 O ït Rîses15 Everytîng Sends16 Reerentîa17 ït May Taste Sweet18 Grandmoter19 Beac House20 Sprîng Ceanîng21 From te Reormed Presbyterîan heoogîca Semînary on te Fîrst Warm Day în Marc, a Man Comes Runnîng în a Wîte T-Sîrt22 Teacîng Me to Soot23 Returned24 Aprî Snow25 Turkîs Marc26 Amsterdam27
Free Verse Edîtîons 73 About te Autor 75
II29 Paîn Questîonnaîre31 Paîn Has No Future but ïtse32 Cutîce34 From One hîng, Anoter35 he Scaded Map36 Job37 Transatîon38 Snare40 Fever41 Wîte Powder43 Poînsettîa45 III47 Fora – Wînter49 Fora — Sprîng52 Fora — Summer55 Fora — Autumn58 Teeoogy o te At-At60 Teeoogy o Dark Fîbre61 Teeoogy o Febreze64 Teeoogy o te Cock66 awrencevîe68 Moss ï69 Moss ïï70
ï wîs to grateuy acknowedge te oowîng journas were sev-era o tese poems made teîr îrst appearances: Copper Nîcke, Emrys, Hampden-Sydney Revîew, Handsome, Mîd-Amerîcan Re-vîew, Mîssîssîppî Revîew, Nort Amerîcan Revîew, Praîrîe Scoo-ner, Saamander, and Tîrd Wednesday.
My sîncere gratîtude and admîratîon go out to Yuse Komunyakaa, Jon Tompson, Davîd Bakesey, and a at Paror Press wo made tîs book appen.
Tanks to As Bowen, Rîcard Epsteîn, Nevîd Hartensteîn, Steve Mueske, and Wîîam Neumîre or beîng my poetry communîty or so ong! And tanks to Jean Kîrby or te a te art!
My unendîng ove and tanks to Mattew, Mara, Rebeka, Mary, Sara, Marta, Eîa, Crîstoper, and Brandon.