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Where Chiang Kai-shek Lost China


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<P>The civil war in China that ended in the 1949 victory of Mao Zedong’s Communist forces was a major blow to US interests in the Far East and led to heated recriminations about how China was "lost." Despite their significance, there have been few studies in English of the war's major campaigns. The Liao-Shen Campaign was the final act in the struggle for control of China’s northeast. After the Soviet defeat of Japan in Manchuria, Communist Chinese and then Nationalist troops moved into this strategically important area. China’s largest industrial base and a major source of coal, Manchuria had extensive railways and key ports (both still under Soviet control). When American mediation over control of Manchuria failed, full-scale civil war broke out. By spring of 1946, Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist armies had occupied most of the southern, economically developed part of Manchuria, pushing Communist forces north of the Songhua (Sungari) River. But over the next two years, the tide would turn. The Communists isolated the Nationalist armies and mounted a major campaign aimed at destroying the Kuomintang forces. This is the story of that campaign and its outcome, which were to have such far-reaching consequences.</P>
<P>A Note on Chinese Names<BR>Introduction<BR>1. China: Lost or Won?<BR>2. The Struggle for Manchuria Begins: August 1945-June 1946<BR>3. Nationalist Offensive, Communist Reaction: South Manchuria, July-November 1946<BR>4. Breaking the Nationalist Offensive: The Three Expeditions/Four Defenses Campaign, December 1946-March 1947<BR>5. The Summer Offensive and the Wedemeyer Mission, May-August 1947<BR>6. Encircling the Cities: the Autumn and Winter Offensives, September 1947-March 1948<BR>7. The Battle Behind the Lines: Building the North Manchuria Base Area<BR>Chapter 8. Army of Learning: the Transition From Guerrilla to Conventional Warfighting Capability<BR>9. Contention Within: Summer, 1948<BR>10. Preparing to Annihilate the Enemy: September 1948<BR>11. Close the Door and Beat the Dog: the Battles of Tashan and Jinzhou, October 1948<BR>12. Putting Changchun Under Siege: March-June 1948<BR>13. Death, Treason and Surrender in the Garden City: June-October 1948<BR>14. Avalanche of Defeat: October-November 1948<BR>15. Assessing and Remembering<BR>Bibliography<BR>Notes<BR>Index</P>



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