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Interpersonal Encounters in Contemporary Travel Writing


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A critical study on the theme of interpersonal encounter in late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century French and Italian travel writing.

This critical study examines the theme of interpersonal encounter in a range of late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century travel writing written in French and Italian. Structured typologically, each chapter focuses on a typical activity that brings traveller-protagonists into contact with other people. Drawing on literary critical studies of travel writing, sociological and anthropological approaches to tourism, as well as research in French and Italian area studies, ‘Interpersonal Encounters in Contemporary Travel Writing’ locates the concept of encounter within the context of modern tourism.

Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; 1. ENCOUNTERING, TRAVELLING, WRITING: 1.1 Encounter; 1.2 Travel Writing and Tourism; 1.3 Voyage/Viaggio; 1.4 Chapters; 2. STRATEGY, AUTHENTICITY, ETHICS: 2.1 Strategy; 2.2 Authenticity; 2.3 Ethics; 3. GUIDING: 3.1 Authenticity and Mediation; 3.2 Translation and Voice; 4. HOSTING: 4.1 Hospitality and Authenticity; 4.2 Freedom; 4.3 The Nature of Encounters; 5. STARING: 5.1 The Stare of the Travellee; 5.2 Photography and Encounter; 6. CHALLENGING: 6.1 Economic Power; 6.2 Justification: Rickshaw Riders; 6.3 Distancing: Prostitutes; 6.4 Dilemma: Beggars; 7. ACCOMPANYING: 7.1 Absent Friends; 7.2 Alter Ego or Mirror?; 7.3 Chance Companions; 8. CONCLUDING; Notes; Bibliography; Index



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Interpersonal Encounters in Contemporary Travel Writing
Anthem Studies in Travel
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Interpersonal Encounters in Contemporary Travel Writing
French and Italian Perspectives
Catharine Mee
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Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations
1. Encountering, Travelling, Writing Encounter  Travel Writing and Tourism  Voyage/Viaggio  Chapters
2. Strategy, Authenticity, Ethics Strategy  Authenticity  Ethics
3. Guiding Authenticity and Mediation Guides and guidebooksThe gatekeeperAn authentic encounter Translation and Voice The invisible translatorRepresentation strategiesAuthorship and readership
4. Hosting Hospitality and Authenticity Invitation versus reservationBack to the bubble Freedom Hospitality as controlThe world is my playground
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The Nature of Encou ReciprocityTime and friendships
5. Staring  The Stare of the Travellee The gaze, the stare and the travel encounterThe travellee as starerThe traveller as staree Photography and Encounter Tourists and camerasPhotography as intrusionPhotography as interaction
6. Challenging Economic Power  Justification: Rickshaw Riders  Distancing: Prostitutes  Dilemma: Beggars
7. Accompanying Absent Friends ‘That most ambiguous of genreA question of  Alter Ego or Mirror?  Chance Companions
8. Concluding
Notes Bibliography Index
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The research for this study has been generously funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and The Queen’s College, Oxford. Lincoln College, Oxford has also provided several travel bursaries and book grants. I am particularly indebted to Professor Charles Forsdick, whose advice and support have been instrumental in the development and publication of this study. I am also especially grateful to my two PhD supervisors, Dr Toby Garfitt and Professor Martin McLaughlin, who oversaw the initial stages of this research project as my PhD thesis and provided invaluable feedback and encouragement. I would like to thank the five anonymous reviewers, whose comments and suggestions have been extremely helpful in revising the manuscript. I would also like to thank Professor Guido Bonsaver, Professor Michael Sheringham, Dr Giuseppe Stellardi and Dr Wes Williams for their comments on earlier versions of parts of the study. I am very grateful toDr Loredana Polezzi for her advice and I would also like to mention Dr Ed Welch, Dr Clare Harris and Professor Lino Pertile for help on specific points. Earlier versions of some sections have been presented at a number of conferences: ‘Literature Travels’ at the University of Wolverhampton in September 2005, the Society for French Studies conferences at the Universities of Leeds and Liverpool in 2005 and 2008, and the ‘Borders and Crossings VI’ conference at the University of Palermo in September 2006. I am grateful to the organizers of those conferences for the opportunity to present my work and to the audiences for their feedback. I have carried out research in a number of libraries in Oxford, principally the Bodleian and the Taylor Institution, as well as the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze and the Widener Library in Harvard, and I am grateful to the staff of those institutions for their assistance. Finally I owe a huge debt of gratitude to family and friends for supporting me throughout, and especially to my parents, to whom I dedicate this book, and my husband for their love, advice and patience.
The following abbreviations are applied to primary texts when more than one text by the same author is used. All other primary texts are identified by the author’s name only.
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