Kenneth Burke and His Circles


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Kenneth Burke and His Circles consists of original papers focusing on the intellectual circles in which Burke participated during his long career. Instead of concentrating on Burke himself, as most recent scholarship has done, this book considers Burke as one participant in a host of important overlapping intellectual movements that took place over the course of the twentieth century.



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Published 24 July 2008
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edited by JacK Selzer robert WeSS
Kennet Burke and His Circles
Kennet Burke and His Circles
Edited by Jack Selzer and Robert Wess
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Kennet Burke and is circles / edited by Jack Selzer and Robert Wess.  p. cm. Based on papers presented at a conference eld at University Park, Pa. from July 0-, 00. Includes bibliograpical references (p. ) and index. ISBN 78--603-067-0 (acid-free paper) -- ISBN 78--603-066-3 (pbk. : acid-free paper) -- ISBN 78--603-068-7 (adobe ebook) . Burke, Kennet, 87-3--Criticism and interpretation. I. Selzer, Jack. II. Wess, Robert. PS303.U63Z6 008 88’.0--dc  0080
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Abbreviations of Works by Kennet Burkevii Introductionix Jack Selzer and Robert Wess ix From Acceptance to Rejection: Kennet Burke, Ralp Ellison, and Invisible Man3 Bryan Crable 3 An Interview wit Ben Belitt: On Kennet Burke’s Bennington Years27 Micael Jackson 27 3 Denis Donogue’s Kennet Burke40 Miriam Marty Clark 40 Burke’s McKeon Side: Burke’s Pentad and McKeon’s Quartet49 Robert Wess 49 Essentializing Temporality, Temporizing Essence: Te Narrative Teory and Interpretive Practice of Kennet Burke and Wayne Boot68 Greig Henderson 68 6 Style and te Defense of Retoric: Burke’s and Aristotle’s Competing Models of Mind86 James Kastely 86 7 Aestetic Power and Retorical Experience96 Gregory Clark 96
vi Contents 8 Te Romantic in te Attic: William Blake’s Place in Kennet Burke’s Intellectual Circle109 Laura E. Rutland 109 Leveraging a Career wit Kennet Burke: Te Politics of Teory in Literary Studies120 Cary Nelson 120 0 Kennet Burke and te Claims of a Retorical Poetry129 Melissa Girard 129  Te “Logological Organizing” of Corporate Discourse: A Burkean Case-Study Analysis149 Peter M. Smudde 149  Still te King of Queens? Kennet Burke, Te Retoric of Religion, and te Teorizing of Retoric and Religion Now161 Benjamin Bennett-Carpenter 161 3 Te Revelations of “Logology”: Secular and Religious Tensions in Burke’s Views on Language, Literature, and Hermeneutics174 Cristine E. Iwanicki 174  Burkean Perspectives on Prayer: Carting a Key Term troug Burke’s Corpus201 William T. FitzGerald 201
Works Cited223 Contributors237 Index of Names and Titles241
Abbreviations of Works by Kennet Burke
Auscultation, Creation, Revision Attitudes Toward History Collected Poems Counter-Statement A Grammar of Motives Language as Symbolic Action Permanence and Cange Te Pilosopy of Literary Form A Retoric of Motives Towards a Better Life
Jack Selzer and Robert Wess
Te Special Collections Library at Penn State in many respects oper-ated as te innermost circle for te conference on Kennet Burke and His Circles, wic was eld at University Park, Pennsylvania from July 0 troug July , 00. It was simultaneously te Nineteent Penn State Conference on Retoric and Composition, and te Sixt Triennial Conference of te Kennet Burke Society. A dozen exibit cases in an anteroom adjacent to te Special Col-lections Library (and watced over by a bust of Kennet Burke created by Virginia Burks) supplied “representative anecdotes” for te entire conference. In one case Marika Seigel displayed material artifacts re-lated to er study of ow Burke’s famous comment about “a little fel-low named Ecology” developed not only out of Burke’s fertile brain but also out of Burke’s engagement wit te field of ecology tat was nascent in 37, wen is comment appeared in isAttitudes Toward History(0). Seigel sowed articles from te 3Newsweekissue tat meditated on te Dust Bowl and on te environmentally unfriendly farming practices tat were ten associated wit te agricultural crisis. Se directed conferees to Paul Sears’s 3 bookDeserts on te Marc,one of te most important early books in te field of ecology—and a book tat was reviewed prominently inTe New Republic,a periodical tat Kennet Burke consumed avidly eac week. Drawing on tose materials, Seigel’s exibit demonstrated tat key concepts inAttitudes Toward History,among tem “te comic corrective” and “efficiency,” developed out of Burke’s close interest in tose texts and events and people. In anoter exibit case, Jordynn Jack offered an array of artifacts associated wit Burke’s service in te late 0s to te Bureau of Social Hygiene in New York. Supported by Jon D. Rockefeller and super-