Landscaping Postcoloniality. The Dissemination of Cameroon Anglophone Literature
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Landscaping Postcoloniality. The Dissemination of Cameroon Anglophone Literature


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186 Pages


This is a foundational text on the production and dissemination of Anglophone Cameroon literature. The Republic of Cameroon is a bilingual country with English and French as the official languages. Ashuntantang shows that the pattern of production and dissemination of Anglophone Cameroon literature is not only framed by the minority status of English and English-speaking Cameroonians within the Republic of Cameroon, but is also a reflection of a postcolonial reality in Africa where mostly African literary texts published by western multi-national corporations are assured wide international accessibility and readership. This book establishes that in spite of these setbacks, Anglophone Cameroon writers have produced a corpus of work that has enriched the genres of prose, poetry and drama, and that these texts deserve a wider readership.



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Published 15 March 2009
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Landscaping Postcoloniality
Landscaping Postcoloniality The Dissemination of Cameroon Anglophone Literature
Joyce B. Ashuntantang
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Landscaping Postcoloniality The Dissemination of Cameroon Anglophone Literature
Joyce B. Ashuntantang
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For my teachers, past and present; my learning never ends…
First, I am grateful to Bernth Lindfors who guided the initial stages of my thought process on this book and whose research on the production and dissemination of African literature served as my inspiration. I am equally thankful to Professors David Greetham, Tuzyline Jita Allan and Barbara Webb for reading the initial drafts of this book and offering valuable suggestions. I am indebted to Professors of African Literature in the United States and Cameroon, Cameroon bookshop owners, librarians, writers and publishers who responded to my questionnaire or talked to me personally especially the following: Prof. Bole Butake, Prof. Ekema Agbaw, Prof. Juliana Nfah Abenyi, late Dr. Bate Besong, and Dr. Anne Tanyi-Tang for going the extra mile. Thanks too to Sankie Maimo, Buma Kor, late Kenjo Jumbam, Dr. Linus Asong and Emmanuel Wongibe for providing me with valuable archival material. Sincere gratitude also goes to Ako Abunaw for his support during a major part of this project. I am also indebted to my collaborator and friend, Dibussi Tande, for reading successive drafts of this manuscript and for being my “tech support center.” I will forever remain indebted to my late parents, George and Catherine Ashuntantang, who died in a ghastly auto accident in 1986, for their faith in the power of books and to my siblings, Mrs Martha A. Zama, Dr. Gloria A. Somè, Lawyer T. Ashuntantang and Dr. Helen Ashuntantang whose academic achievements continue to be a source of inspiration. Finally, I thank my children, Tanjong (Polipo) and Ako (Champy) Abunaw who continue to challenge me to be a better human being.
Table of Contents
Chapter One Reversing Babel: English in Anglophone Cameroon
Chapter Two The Dissemination of African Literature and Canon Formation
Chapter Three The Book Chain and Anglophone Cameroon Literature
Chapter Four Anglophone Cameroon Literature: A Brief Overview
Endnotes Works Cited
Appendix Anglophone Cameroon Literature: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Primary Texts and Selected Criticism
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