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Lyrical, witty, and elegiac, Nearer’s 25 essays show the imagination at work and play amid the ambiguities, consternations, and beauties of the world.



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Published 10 February 2006
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Praise for Artur Saltzman’s O  E (2001)
“Eac piece coalesces to reveal a keen mind in love wit words. . . . Many of tese essays deploy riskily mellifluous language; tey all ring personal, fervent and true.” —Publisher’s Weekly
“Saltzman’s prose is pity, allusive, elegant. . . . In stylistic virtuosity, [e] comes peraps closest to Updike.” —Modern Language Review
“hese essays marry te celebration of language wit acuity. . . . he col-lection is, like te work Saltzman esteems most, risky, adventurous, in-quisitive, and callenging.” —Hyde Park Review of Books
Lyrical, witty, and elegiac, te twenty-five essays inNte sow imagination at work and play amid te ambiguities, consternations, and beauties of te world. hey range in subject matter from confrontations wit magnitude (God, deat, and te pysical universe) to examinations of te compact, coiled insistences to be found in te ordinary and te lo-cal—wat Jon Updike refers to as “te small answer of a texture.” here are meditations on te appeals and te pitfalls of celebrity, te strange and complex nature of memorials, te treat of creeping fraudulence in personal and professional life, te place and possibility of fait, and te damage tat settling for “watever” can do. “Getting Known,” “My Ani-mal Instincts,” and “In So Many Words” ave been named Notable Essays in te Best American Essays series.
In addition toN, Artur Saltzman’s previous books include te col-lection of essays O  E (2001, winner of te First Series Creative Nonfiction Award) and six critical studies of literature and writ-ers. Recognitions for is writing include te 2005 Columbia Nonfiction Award, te 2003 Victor J. Emmett Memorial Essay Award (from M Q), te 2002 N R Creative Nonfiction Award, and te inaugural Ames Memorial Essay Award (from L L). He is currently a Professor of Englis at Missouri Soutern State University.
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Artur SaltZman
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For Joy and te searc for te tird ting
Standing on Fishes3 Impostors14 Nearer30 Chosen People48 The Porlock Principle61 Model Behavior70 The Cast of Characters86 Some OneonOne100 Memorial Haul112 A Few Paces from Hemingway141 Don’t Breathe a Word148 Savages166 Cast Irony173 Prosthetic Devices183 Excerpts from the Vertical File196 The Orders of Magnitude210 Inadmissible Evidence230 Waiting for Takeoff244 Shelf Life255 Trash Talking267 Getting Known288 Mistake and Identity304
Contents My Animal Instincts314 Something Like a Particle, Something Like a Wave330 In So Many Words341 Acknowledgments355