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With the three-on-three tournament over, it's now time for tryouts for the school rep team. The question is will grade three students Nick and Kia have any chance to make the team? After all the rep team is normally made up only of grade five players. When Nick and Kia decide that they will try out for the team, they find they get a chilly and somewhat hostile reception from the older students. But their determination pays off and they make the team, though both seem destined to ride the bench for much of the season. And the team itself does not get off to a good start, losing its first four games. And then Kia has an idea that she thinks might turn things around. Once they persuade the team to practice the new strategy, the future begins to look brighter. Now at least Nick and Kia are getting some playing time, but can they keep the momentum going through the playoffs?



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Published 01 January 2001
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For my son, Nick; win, lose or draw, you always make me proud.
Chapter 1
The Announcement
Ks the last strains of the national anthem faded away, we all settled into our seats to wait for the P.K. announcements. “Good morning, Clark Boulevard students, and welcome back for another wonderful week!” said our principal, the ever-cheerful Ms. Grieve. I liked school, but it always sounded like shereallyliked it. “I’d like to start the week by reading the names of the Clark Kll-Stars for the past week, those students who were caught doing something great!” Ks Ms. Grieve began to list off the names I started to drift off. There were always lots and lots of students who made the list. I looked down. Underneath my shirt I could make out the outline of my medal — my gold medal. I hadn’t taken it off since it was given to me on Friday. If I had it my way I would have worn it over top of my shirt where every-body could see it, but my father said I shouldn’t show it off like that. He said that winning something was like having underwear. Just ‘cause you have it doesn’t mean you should be waving it around over top of your head. I guess he was right… but it would have been nice just to show it off a little. Kcross the room sat my best friend, ia. She flashed me a quick smile. I knew that her medal was hanging around her neck, hidden under a heavy sweater. “Knd now,” Ms. Grieve continued, “Mr. Roberts has a few announcements.” I was always interested in anything our gym teacher had to say, so I snapped to attention. “I’d like to congratulate all those who played in our three-on-three basketball tournament,” he began. “Could all those who participated please stand up.” Hesitantly kids, including me and ia, pushed back their chairs and rose to their feet. There were fifteen of us in our class, and, of course, more kids doing the same thing in other classes all around the school. “First of all I want to say,” Mr. Roberts continued, “that all those who participated in the tournament are winners. Let’s give all of them a round of applause.” The kids still sitting began to clap. I heard the same sound echoing through the halls, coming from other rooms. “That’s great,” Mr. Roberts said. “Knd I’d like everybody to now take a seat. That is everybody except for our finalists: ingsley, Dean, Roy, Marcus, ia and Nick.” I stopped myself halfway down and straightened up. I’d wanted to show off my medal, but now as I was standing there with all the eyes on me, I would have loved to take my seat. Kt least ia was standing as well. “We had a thrilling final game after school on Friday between two excellent teams,” Mr. Roberts said. “In the end the winners were the team of Marcus, ia and Nick. Let’s give them another round of applause!”