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Sable wears only black and has always felt that doom is near. Lacey wears pink and seeks beauty everywhere. A sadistic art teacher pairs Sable and Lacey together for their final project. The girls have to get to know one another and select a suitable poem for the back of each other's decorative mirror. Sable is less than thrilled at having to spend time with Lacey, who she believes to be nothing more than a brainless doll. As the project progresses, and Sable gets past her resentment, she learns some surprising truths about who Lacey really is. All of Sable's images begin to change, including the one she holds of herself.



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Published 01 March 2007
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Mirror Image
K.L. Denman
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Denman, K. L.,
1957Mirror image / written by K.L. Denman.
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I. Title. II. Series.
PS8607.E64M57 2007 jC813’.6 C2006-906392-3
Summary: Inspired by a school art project and a new friend, Sable learns to look
beneath the surface of an image.
First published in the United States, 2007
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10 09 08 07 • 4 3 2 1For Hannah—May you find true beauty, always. KLD
I’m ever grateful to Diane Tullson and Shelley Hrdlitschka for their wisdom. My
thanks also to Tiffany Stark for her enthusiastic support, to Jasmine Kovac for
sharing her Bosnian heritage, and to Melanie Jeffs, Orca Currents Editor, for
her insightful questions.