Perfect Revenge


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Lizzie Lane is used to life at the top of the food chain. Her near-perfect life is ruined when Rachel, a girl she socially destroyed, exacts her revenge by getting Lizzie in trouble for cheating on a test. Friendless and facing detention, Lizzie obsesses over finding the perfect revenge. When Stella, Lizzie's strange new neighbor, teaches Lizzie about magick, Lizzie can't resist creating a revenge spell. But she forgets the "rule of three," that whatever spell you cast comes back on you three-fold, and her zit spell backfires with dramatic results. When she asks for help from Stella's Baba, the only advice she gets is to "write the lesson of the zit on her heart." Can Lizzie find a way to teach Rachel a lesson without causing permanent disfigurement to herself?

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Published 01 April 2009
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Perfect Revenge
K.L. Denman
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Summary: Stripped of her popularity, Lizzie is willing to do anything to exact her revenge.
She’s even willing to turn to magic.
First published in the United States, 2009
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12 11 10 09 • 4 3 2 1For Mom, who exemplifies the beauty of empathy and the joy found in laughter.
I invoke the power of three,
But stand aside to relate,
There’s a duo found in trinity,
Kindred spirits who create.
She of the high meadows,
And the goddess of the moon,
They peer among the shadows
For word-spells out of tune.
I thank this special pair
Without naming, not this time,
For while they’re not so holy,
They would spare you this rhyme.