This Day
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This Day


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77 Pages

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Loss has left Ella Spinner alone to care for her husband, Bart, who suffers from clinical depression. Their days now echo the tides: any progress made, rolls back. Yet Ella keeps pushing against the monotony. Set in Mossel Bay, Ella’s day begins like any other. But on this day the minutes begin to crack allowing change to filter through. As we cheer on her tenacity, we’re left asking ourselves what motivates anyone to try again.



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Published 20 October 2014
Reads 2
EAN13 9781920590857
Language English

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This is a work of fiction. While the book is set in the real town of Mossel Bay, all characters are from thee
author’s imagination. While the author has been fairly true to the landscape, layout and politics of thee
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bbeennddiinngg--ooff-reality(s) for both artistic reasons and privacy.
First published by Modjaji Books (Pty) Ltd 2014
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Copyright ©Tiah Beautement 2014
ISBN 978-1-920590-59-8
e-book ISBN 978-1-920590-85-7
AAllll rriigghhttss rreesseerrvveedd
No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanicaall
means, including photocopying and recording, or any other information storage or retrieval system,,
without written permission from the publisher.
Book and Cover Design by Megan Ross
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EEddiittoorr:: KKaarreenn JJeennnniinnggss
Cover photo by CM Beautement
Printed and bound by Megadigital, Cape Town
Set in Garamond