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Best "New" African Poets 2018 Anthology


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Best "New" African Poets 2018 Anthology follows volumes in 2017, 2016 and 2015. In this fourth volume of these continent-wide anthologies of African poetry we have work from 154 African poets from over 30 African countries and the African Diasporas. There are poems in English, French, Portuguese, Sepedi, Shona, Yoruba, and Asante Twi languages. In 2018 there was a notable increase in the number of entries with memorable novelties regarding poetic experimentation: some of the poets have daringly sliced up words playing around with the spatial and structural patterns of their texts on paper. This may be described as both textual and visual poetry. Reading the poems becomes a journey with many paths, where the reader walks according to poetic rhythms and the hesitating breaks of action verbs and enjambments.



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Published 29 December 2018
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witnessed a signiIcant increase in the number of entries with memorable
2018 ANTHOLONGPYOETS BEST “NEW” AFRICA Best “ ew” African Poets2018 ANTHOLOGY:Anthologie Des Meilleures “Nouveaux” Poètes Africains 2018 Antologia Dos Melhores “Novos” Poetas Africanos 2018 Edited by: Tendai R Mwanaka & Nsah Mala
Tendai R Mwanaka
Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd, Chitungwiza Zimbabwe * Creativity, Wisdom and Beauty
Publisher: Mmap Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd 24 Svosve Road, Zengeza 1 Chitungwiza Zimbabwe mwanaka@yahoo.comhttps//mwanakamediaandpublishing.weebly.com Distributed in and outside N. America by African Books Collective orders@africanbookscollective.comwww.africanbookscollective.comISBN: 978-1-77906-360-1EAN: 9781779063601©Tendai Rinos Mwanaka 2018 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including photocopying and recording, or be stored in any information storage or retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher DISCLAIMER All views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views ofMmap.
TABLE OF CONTENTS/TABLE DES MATIERES/TABELA DE CONTEUDOS About editors………………………………………………….xiv Contributors’ bio notes………………………………………..xv Introduction………………………………………………….xlix Part 1: Collaborations……………………………………….1-25 To the god of fear:(Best “New” African Poets Collaboration: Mbuthia, Ntensibe, Mairosi, Bolaji, Odewumi, Gwiriri, Malelah The Poet, Guzha, Mwanaka, Mukwarimba, Maina, Swanson, Haile Saize I, Mhondera, Maridzanyere, Mavolwane, Awusa, Agyei-Baah, Abubakar, Jaison)1-11The Love Song:(Best “New” African Poets Collaboration: Mbuthia, Ntensibe, Mairosi, Bolaji, Odewumi, Gwiriri, Jaison, Malelah The Poet, Guzha, Mwanaka)……………………………………………..12-17Human God:(Best “New” African Poets Collaboration: Mhondera, Mairosi, p’Khisa, Gwiriri, Jaison, Nieuwoudt, Mwanaka)………….18-25Part 2: Consciousness, Spiritual, Individual, Existential......19-115 Artist’s Trails:Tendai Rinos Mwanaka (Zimbabwe)Pinnacle:Mari Ballot (South Africa) EGULE (the weaverbird):Chibueze Obunadike (Nigeria)Rekindled:Athene Nyarai Mutyambizi (Zimbabwe) Will Rise Again:Aleck Kaposa (Zimbabwe)New born:Beven Nebafor Awusa (Cameroon) SALAT:Chibueze Obunadike (Nigeria) To Be Named:Daisy May (South Africa) CANVAS:Dorcas Wairuri Maina (Kenya) The Season:Emman Usman Shehu (Nigeria)Midnight sessions:Femi Ayo-Tubosun (Nigeria)PAPYRUS UNDERGROUND:Kofi Acquah (Ghana)
The Cat and Cobra Duel:Samuel Nyachiro Kegwaro (Kenya) PROPHESY:Kofi Acquah (Ghana) Locked out:Alinafe Diana Zalira (Malawi) The Believer:Aubrey Sandile (Zimbabwe) A Mother’s Song:Cosmas Mairosi (Zimbabwe) FOR MEMUNA AND CHILD:Ekundayo Asifat (Nigeria)We Are Just Humans: Gerry Sikazwe (Zambia) Right to Die!:Lusajo Kalangali (Tanzania) Water, a goddess:Kelvin J. Shachile (Kenya) Coming To Think About It:Gerry Sikazwe (Zambia)Ubuntu:Mari Ballot (South Africa) Things we do not know about death:Mobolaji Olawale (Nigeria) 4:Monicah Lubanga Kuta (Kenya)THE HORSE IS BRAYING:Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri (Zimbabwe) BP AT THIRTY:Mujtaba s Abubakar (Nigeria)SCATTERED PETALS:Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri (Zimbabwe)Spoken River:Nosakhare Collins (Nigeria) THE NEW SINGING SCHOOL BESIDE OUR HOUSE: Okwudili Nebeolisa (Nigeria)SOUNDLESS CAVE:Okwudili Nebeolisa (Nigeria) BODIES AND SCARS:Paul Oluwafemi David (Nigeria) Mother baptise me:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa) Find yourself:Sinaso Mxakaza (South Africa) Ode to my mother’s friend:Awodiya Funke (Nigeria) New Life - :Crystal Warren (South Africa) FREEDOM/ˈfriːdəm/:Benjamin Elemide (Nigeria) Forgotten letters:Fethi Sassi (Tunisia) COLOURS OF WATER:Benjamin Elemide (Nigeria) The fingers of the night:Fethi Sassi (Tunisia) my religion:Goodenough Mashego (South Africa) Canticle of an Electric Storm:Harry Owen (South Africa) Heaven is not Closed:Lwanda Sindaphi (South Africa)The Tree:John Anusie (Nigeria)
Ero Gospel:Michael Ace (Nigeria)River Rituals:Sibulelo Manamatela(South Africa) Lost:Ntseka Masoabi (Lesotho)Night Bloom:Zahraa' Raadhiya Khaki (South Africa) MONUMENT:Sipho Mthabisi Ndebele (South Africa)Sabrun Jameel:Zahraa' Raadhiya Khaki (South Africa) Mothers who are fire:Xolani Ntuli (South Africa) SEEN:Adatsi Brownson (Ghana) Survivor or a warrior:Xolani Ntuli (South Africa)tattoos are permanent:Adorn Keketso Mashigo (South Africa) Tree of life:Xolani Ntuli (South Africa) mother land:Archie Swanson (South Africa)In the Marrow of a Yellow Bone:Beaton Galafa (Malawi)IN A GODLY WORLD:Blessing Turvey Damasiki Chimunyapule (Zimbabwe) BIND ME NOT:Charles O. Okoth (Kenya) We Shall Rise at Dawn:Chukwudi Nwokpoku (Nigeria) LISTEN!:Charles O. Okoth (Kenya) LOST PRIDE:Elijah Unimke Aniah (Nigeria)Candle Lights:Fikile C. Makhubo (South Africa) Spacing:Kgomotso Ledwaba (South Africa) Oblivion:Melissa Farquhar (South Africa) Absentee Father:Richard Mbuthia (Kenya).Sewing:Tatenda Murigo (Zimbabwe) The Beauty of Silence:Richard Mbuthia (Kenya)Part 3: Place, Home and Identity………………………116-142 Afu-Ra-Ka:Mari Ballot (South Africa)Ayyoo Tiyyaa (MY MUM):Leelisa Jacob Sero (Ethiopia)A WALK THROUGH AN AFRICAN VILLAGE:Patrick Hwande (Zimbabwe) Annual Virgins’ Dance:Peter Yieko Ndiwa (Kenya)
When It Rained In Khayelitsha:Dimakatso Sedite (South Africa) Invasion:Adré Marshall (South Africa)Carrion Call:Emman Usman Shehu (Nigeria)Land Of My Birth:Jabulani Mzinyathi (Zimbabwe)Learning to Drive:Christine Coates (South Africa)Beautiful Zimbabwe:Cosmas Mairosi (Zimbabwe) Community Policing:Daniel Many Owiti (Kenya) A PRINCE WITHOUT A HOME:Ekundayo Asifat (Nigeria) Whispers from Home:Kelvin J. Shachile (Kenya) Many of a Morning in Chinsapo:Yamikani Brighton Imbe (Malawi) On the bus:Crystal Warren (South Africa) Blossom at Prospect Field:Harry Owen (South Africa) Grounded:Crystal Warren (South Africa) Fruitsquirt:Harry Owen (South Africa) Accra and traffic:Awuah Mainoo Gabriel (Ghana)Part 4: French Poets…………….143-201 Comportement excédant:Josiane Nguimfack (Cameroun) Punaise rouge et noire:Josiane Nguimfack (Cameroun) Vicissitude:Josiane Nguimfack (Cameroun) Rendez nous nos trésors:Nguetcheu Emile Arsele (Cameroun)La mal de ce siècle absurde:Nguetcheu Emile Arsele (Cameroun) Il me vient:Nguetcheu Emile Arsele (Cameroun) Profond océan:Koffi Luc (Côte d’Ivoire) Cette Afrique là:Koffi Luc (Côte d’Ivoire) Couleurs:Koffi Luc (Côte d’Ivoire) Morphé:Gbeada Woungouankeu Maxence (Côte d’Ivoire) L’Amour:Gbeada Woungouankeu Maxence (Côte d’Ivoire) Le Desespoir:Gbeada Woungouankeu Maxence (Côte d’Ivoire) L’Entrepreneuriat:Emmanuel Siffo (Cameroun) La Mémoire de l’oubli:Gils Da Douanla (Cameroun)J’ai vu le futur…:Balddine Moussa (Comores)
Autre fois Iles des parfums:Balddine Moussa (Comores)Les religions étrangères:Balddine Moussa (Comores) Voyage avec mon prince:Vita Léo (Haïti) revenons au peuple qui se meurt:Mpesse Géraldin (Cameroun) Je veux juste être:Edouma Nomo Sulpice Oscar (Cameroun) Mélancolique:Edouma Nomo Sulpice Oscar (Cameroun) Démon:Edouma Nomo Sulpice Oscar (Cameroun)Aux Enfers:Ray Ndébi (Cameroun) Secoue-toi racine:Ray Ndébi (Cameroun) A Dieu:Ray Ndébi (Cameroun)La Tricherie:Etty Gnanzoutchi Ange Jonathan (Côte d’Ivoire) Mon petit livre blanc:Etty Gnanzoutchi Ange Jonathan (Côte d’Ivoire) Au Bord de la rivière:Serges Cyrille Kooko (Mali)Entends-tu ?:Serges Cyrille Kooko (Mali) Le Pouvoir politique:Akere-Maimo J. Ano-Ebie (Cameroun) La belle ville du Congo:Akere-Maimo J. Ano-Ebie (Cameroun) ma mère:Galley Kokouvi Dzifa (Togo) Deuil:Galley Kokouvi Dzifa (Togo) Instant:Galley Kokouvi Dzifa (Togo)Eclosion:Ayi Dossavi (Togo) Holocauste:Ayi Dossavi (Togo) Je trace:Joel Amah Ajavon (Togo) Eunuque, je pense à toi:Joel Amah Ajavon (Togo) Écoutez-nous, disent les ânes:Nsah Mala (Cameroun) Après le travail au village:Nsah Mala (Cameroun) Un élève exemplaire:Nkwetatang Sampson Nguekie (Cameroun) Part 5: Politics, Governance and Development…..202-259 Them and you:Aleck Kaposa (Zimbabwe) The slums:Clesirdia Nzorozwa (Zimbabwe)Discordant Voice:Jabulani Mzinyathi (Zimbabwe) ZOMBIES:Ngam Emmanuel Beyia (Cameroon)
Workers Day:Jabulani Mzinyathi (Zimbabwe) WHEN THE ELECTION APPROACHES:Ngam Emmanuel Beyia (Cameroon) The Interview:Peter Yieko Ndiwa (Kenya) MY GREATEST DREAM:Tafadzwa Bandera (Zimbabwe) University of Knowledge:Zongezile Matshoba (South Africa) HE COMES AT NIGHT:Ojonugwa John Attah (Nigeria) IT'S HIM:Chenjerai Mhondera (Zimbabwe)Zimbabwe:Handsen Chikowore (Zimbabwe) Educate to Liberate!:Irene Munthree(South Africa) Justice:Handsen Chikowore (Zimbabwe) A Democrat:Lusajo Kalangali (Tanzania) A one way economy:Sonwabo Meyi (South Africa) Prisoner:Sipho hobane Ndlovu (Zimbabwe) alcohol& progress:Sonwabo Meyi (South Africa) AFRIKA MY AFRIKA:Prosper Kavunika (Zimbabwe) conversations with a mon/star:Sonwabo Meyi (South Africa) Rainbowality: A call for Change:Antonio Garcia (South Africa) Redemption for Azania and all the winter strangers:Abigail George(South Africa) Coloured In By Society:Charissa Cassels (South Africa) Exit the old rusted chain-saw:Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe (Zimbabwe) the guns fell silent:Goodenough Mashego (South Africa) Sycophants!:Nellah Nonkondlo Mntanenhlabathi (Zimbabwe)Drowning:Nkwana Joshua Serutle (South Africa)our names:Nkwana Joshua Serutle(South Africa)Change:Olakitan Aladesuyi (Nigeria) WANDERING HOMES:Sipho Mthabisi Ndebele (South Africa)Intersectional Superman:Zahraa' Raadhiya Khaki (South Africa) THE YESTERDAY OF TODAY:Adatsi Brownson (Ghana) How we betrayed our Brother:Beaton Galafa (Malawi)
STREET NAMES: BlessingTurvey Damasiki Chimunyapule (Zimbabwe) War:Hlengiwe Bila (South Africa) Questioning the questioner:Joy Odifemenuwe (Nigeria) Assembly:Kgomotso Ledwaba (South Africa)Nigeria! One week, one trouble:Joy Odifemenuwe (Nigeria)My mother is a country:Xolile Mabuza (South Africa) Black don’t crack:Ynarus (Angola) Part 6: Migrants, Assimilations, Irritants………………260-269 Between Places (A poetic novel extract):Tendai Rinos Mwanaka (Zimbabwe) My country:Zongezile Matshoba (South Africa) On being a refugee in South Africa:Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe (Zimbabwe) Asylum Song:Valentine Okolo (Nigeria) displaced humans:Adorn Keketso Mashigo (South Africa)Part 7: Portuguese Poets…………………………….270-302 Palestina: Ismael Farinha (Angola) Zimbabwe:Ismael Farinha (Angola)  África:Fernando Paciência Luteiro Palaia (Cuba)  No ventre do Silencio:Fernando Paciência Luteiro Palaia (Cuba) Cansei de mim!:Fernando Paciência Luteiro Palaia (Cuba)  APOCALIPSE 1942: Kalunga (Brazil)  DADA: Kalunga (Brazil)  Eu sou sol!:Ynarus (Angola)  Alma zombie:Adailton Zinga (Angola)  Professores sem pedagogia afrocentrada!:Adailton Zinga (Angola)  Vítimas da Vaidade:Adailton Zinga (Angola)  BORBOLETRAS:Hondina Rodrigues(Angola)  DECLÍNIO:Hondina Rodrigues (Angola)