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An album of lavish residuals, erros is a “somewhat song . . . in the last of the light, the disassembling light.” Schuldt’s rich play with language is always aware—painfully aware, erotically aware—of its mortal stakes. These are the poems Hopkins would have written were Hopkins a skeleton, a faint web of salt on a dirty stone, a “nakeshift,” a “sakesbelieve.” And with Hopkins’s sense of humor, too: such delight in the final turning of a phrase, a body, a breath. erros is, in Schuldt’s perfect reckoning, “l=u=n=g=u=a=g=e” made “violable—hollow-bright.” — G.C. Waldrep



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Published 04 August 2013
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EAN13 9781602353770
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poems morgan lucas schuldt
Free Verse Editions Edited by Jon Thompson
Morgan Lucas Schuldt
Parlor Press Anderson, South Carolina www.parlorpress.com
Paror Press C, Anderson, Sout Caroîna, 29621
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Scudt, Morgan ucas.  [Poems. Seectîons]  Erros / Morgan ucas Scudt.  pages cm. -- (Free Verse Edîtîons)  ïncudes bîbîograpîca reerences and îndex.  ïSBN 978-1-60235-376-3 (paperback : acîd-ree paper) -- ïSBN 978-1-60235-377-0 (Adobe ebook) -- ïSBN 978-1-60235-378-7 (ePub)  ï. Rîcke, Boyer. ïï. Tîte.  PS3619.C47E77 2013  811’.6--dc23  2013019919
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Cover desîgn by Boyer Rîcke and Gary Kautto. Autor Poto: Barbara Cuy
Prînted on acîd-ree paper.
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or my parents
Contents Foreword,Boyer Rickelix DîsjectaMembra5 & Reduary9 Song O he ïdîot Buk12 sPacîIc Ode15 Extantsy (Or he ong Nîgt ïn Prase)16 îtte Just Ones18 & he Mortîcîan On he Act o Seeîng Wît One’s Own Eyes31 Poem For Bob Fanagan32 Body As Go, Body As Beîever34 he Mortîcîan’s îtte Deatîng On Beîng Prone35 Homage To Francîs Bacon ï36 Paînsong (For One)37 Poem For Emerson39 he Mortîcîan On Paîmprest41 & Paînsong (For Two)45 Homage To Francîs Bacon ïï47 Rescîndence48 Becomîng Regardess50 Memento Morî52 Aubade54 & de Re-mantîc CentO59
Notes61 Acknowedgments63 About te Autor65 Free Verse Edîtîons67