Every Tongue Confess
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Every Tongue Confess


72 Pages


These poems owe their origin to Robert Bly's stunning ghazals in Stealing Sugar from the Castle. (Why Minnesota has not erected a fifty-foot statue in honor of him is beyond me.) But since these lyrics are devotional in a Christian way, they are different. Though they enjoy Bly's wonderful sense of meter, they try to exalt Jesus Christ, the God-man, the Eucharist, in the very ground and summit of our being. They want to praise him in all things, as Christian poetry must do, for what he has done, for what he is doing. Surely the future will see a rise is such poetry. After all, that is why we are here.



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Published 13 November 2018
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David Craig
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RéŝôUçé PUçàôŝ A ïm ô W à Sôç PUŝéŝ 199 W. 8 Aé., SUé 3 EUGéé, OR 97401
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MàUàçUé  é u.S.A.
A Faer’s Hear |1 Jerez and e Siege of Vienna |2 Miriam’s Only Candle |3 Were e Dead Say Dead |4 Wen my Wife and I became One |5 Mone’s Beads |6 A Second’s Bow |7 S. Eudalia and e Barcelona Variaions |8 he Lords of Misprision |9 Losing my Incompleeness |10 he Poao’s Propeic Eye |11 he Srangeness of Summer Trees |12 Sealing hird Base |13 We hin Up, Blow Away |14 he Love Poems of Calderón |15 Some Real Grow |16 he Mailman Works for oo Many People |17 Dancing wi Denver, Colorado |18 Having a Son is oo Grea a Burden |19 Nikos Kazanzakis and e Donkeys of Wes Virginia |20 he True Wife |21 he Scorners Ouside Us |22 Fity Scolars Typing |23 Living in a Sone House |24 he Ear Finally Opens Her Doors |25 Friends and e Big Vein on e Back of Your Hand |26
he Kiss of Jesus |27 Rober, You Know ow ese Frenc Poems can End |28 he Leper Ges a Job a e Apoecary |29 Magdalene, er Hear wen Everywere |30 he Inflaable Backyard Pool |31 he Brood of e Morning Dove |32 I Know Noing abou e Lesser Anilles |33 he Frenc are Genial, wic Makes a Lo of Sense |34 Ypres,1916 |35 he Adriaic’s Blue Coas |36 Baal Sem Tov and is Slide Rule |37 he Planes Take eir Time in Pronouncing Vowels |38 Across e Waers of a Blue Groo |39 he Alambra is e Sound a Bears I |40 Rembrand’s Unruly Monkeys |41 he Only Cardinal a Anieam |42 Anoer Cenury Spells Defea |43 he Soul is in Love wi e Nigly Movemen of Snails |44 Augusine |45 Separaion |46 he Empy Space We Reac for |47 Mandela and oer Sorrows |48 Meeing a Nig |49 A Pousinikki |50 “Doubling e Madness” |51 Cézanne’s Second Wife |52 If You can’ Find Heaven |53 Every Siar Invens |54 he Pope’s Longing |55 he Sarod Explores e Terrain |56 he Poao Bin |57 Bac’s Mass in Dea Minor |58 Tobi’s Climb (and Process) |59 Table Nineeen a e Criminal’s Wedding |60
Notes |61
A Father’s Heart
Aààm à ô mé ô é UUé, é “é ô àçéŝ”: mGY Gŝ, ôôŝ wô wôU éà à m ô ŝ m. (gtŝ é à çUé é wàŝ’ émé ô ŝéé!)
é ôçé é G Lçé ŝé ŝ ŝà é. é à Gôà-à é gô’ŝ! é é G ééŝ môé ŝ ŝôG. Wà çà à ŝéà ô U ôôw?
é màGé ŝ àŝ, éôé -Uŝé, ŝôé: “é ééY éémY ï’é màé é éŝŝé, ôUé; é mé é ôé éôUG ô Gé ém éà.”
Wô ŝ ŝ GééôUŝ: é à à çàéŝ é àŝ! mŝé, é wàŝ ôG, à Gàéé ô ŝéé, à mà àôé, wôU ŝUçô—à mà wôU àçé.
Wà çôU é Gé U é çôôG G  é GôU, é wàYŝ ô àmàŝ? Péàŝ  wàŝ ŝ çômmô wàYŝ à màé m: é ŝôé, é ôé-môUé à?
ŝ éà wàŝ ô à àé’ŝ éà ôàY. ï wàŝ à éàY àŝŝàGé, é wàG ô ŝmôô ŝôéŝ. é wôU é à éŝé wéçômé: ô àmàŝ, mé.