How Much the Body
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How Much the Body



These poems speak to the contemporary struggle to hold onto faith in a turbulent world. Within the collection is a thread of narrative, semi-autobiographical poems that document the author's journey from her initial Christian conversion through the trauma of domestic violence and into her healing and reclamation of faith. This is not a grim saga, however--it is intimate, emotional, and seeks out elements of beauty, hope, and generosity of spirit. With subjects ranging from butter sculptures to grape harvesting to internet hoaxes, these poems are sometimes whimsical, often funny, always thoughtful, presenting God as a loving, dynamic Savior who ushers his children into unexpected joy.



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Published 29 July 2019
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How Much the Body
How Much the Body
Poems about Faith
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I. Count, Tell, Say, Speak My Feet at te Edge of te Swamp | 3 Origin of Life | 4 My First Cristmas | 7 Creation Story and te Fall of Man | 10 hat Time te Fater of Fait Pretended His Wife Was His Sister | 12 Glory | 14 he Conductivity of Human Beings | 15 Fold | 16 Winter in te Goldfis Bowl | 17 Prayer of te Hem | 18 Tongues | 19
II. An Infinite You, Somehow Surprised he Woman Wo Believes Every Prayer (Sould Be Answered How Se Likes) | 23 Cordelia, Bowling | 24 Close Your eyes and Feel | 25 Hope tat Stockpiles for Winter | 26 Stand at te Door and Knock | 28 Beautiful, Beloved | 30 Slow Danger | 32 Wat Can Be Saken | 33