Into This Holy Estate
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Into This Holy Estate


92 Pages


Marriage can still make news--a celebrity wedding, a noisy divorce, a new law allowing same-sex marriage--but it's hardly the preferred option. Cohabitation is enough for many. And constancy? Staying? Do you hear about that much? We all move, fly, uproot, take vacations, tour. In fact, staying is strange! What might it feel like, or look like? A renewable resource? Sustainable energy, a school of resilience? Is there anything to this business of vows--this long history of enactment, consecration, and sacrament? What about the words we say when we do it? What about the terrain we set down roots into afterwards? Is there a parallel there--or something closer?
This book is a story of a marriage lived out under the pronouncements of an ancient text (whose archaic language makes the occasional cameo appearance or comic turn) and under the aegis and blessing of a great river named after a saint. The story passes, mostly, in a garden, and annotates "the way love will flow through a marriage / on its way to its destination."



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Published 07 May 2015
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I N T O T H I S H O L Y E S T A T E A S t o r y o f S t a y i n g
P OE M S B Y Mi a Ande rson
ïNTO THïS HOY ESTATE A Sory o Sayîng
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Manuacured în e U.S.A.
for SHeia and Xavier
for SaraH and CHip
and for Tom
feow ong Hauers a
Bess ese y | 1 he boa’s passîng | 2 We used o poîs sîver | 4 MAS| 5: a name or were ï sî on e edge | 6 We were spared | 9 ï never knew a waves | 10 Geîng your sore egs | 12 We are proeced by a kîngIser | 13 ï canno sîng oday | 15 Peope wo readMoby-Dick | 16 My usband îs doîng appîness | 18 So muc îs done | 20 And ï ave ound | 22 hîs îs e edge | 24 he raîn îs Irm | 26 Acquîrîng e sîîng | 27 Wa î, înks my usband | 28 ‘ïno e wîce’ | 30 hîs oy esae | 33 he înaîenabe aerîy | 36 he woman aken în anger | 38 ï ave now îved | 39 here was once a brîdge | 41
he one wî wom | 42 ‘ïno wîc oy esae’ | 44 ove O ove O bîer ove | 48 ï wî gran you îs | 49 To ave and o od | 51 ï’d îke o be abe | 53 he wreaed-crown | 56 Peraps go îno e garden | 58 Ater a sîence | 63 he way e orses | 65 A Sous’ | 69 he snow rom every | 70 ï ge ready | 72 ïn our kîcen sî | 74 You can wak ou | 75 ï’m înkîng o wrîîng | 77 ï coness e mysery | 78 Deary beovèd79 | he MAS îs | 82 Meded yf83 |
Bess ese y servans  (pronounces e oicîan, îs îs  ater e excange o rîngs;  e’s wrappîng you up,  e a’s booked or unc) and sow e seed o eerna îe în eîr ears.
And e îe seed caps on, îke some  ecopîc pregnancy  în e aopîan ube or e et venrîce or some more myserîous înersîce,  caps on
o e wa o your marrîage, îs înner înîng, yourdoubure.
îe ‘Eerna’ sars o grow, ere  în îs secre pace, vegeabe o yourpotager, ome-grown î ever ere was suc a îng.  Your ge.
ha wasoever. . . ey sa proIaby earn, ey may în deed uI e same.
And on and on grows e îe seed  e oicîan spoke and învoked.