Lent Always Takes Us
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Lent Always Takes Us


68 Pages


The whole of our lives are a sort of glorious Lent. And so it is in these poems. Most of this book borrows from Bly, who in his poems beautifully turns the Islamic ghazal form to his own ends. These poems, though, try to give all the glory to Jesus Christ, who is the reason why we live and breathe. So often, it seems, contemporary Catholic poets are afraid to give up a secular perspective. This is odd, really, since that point of view will not take us into heaven. In any case, may our Lord forgive us all our stupidity and sins; may the Holy Spirit help us to walk and talk with Jesus, who is Life itself.



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Published 30 August 2019
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Lent Always Takes Us
Lent Always Takes Us
byDavid Craig
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August 14, 2019
E v e r y K n e e S h a l l B o w Were we live | 3 he souls in purgaory | 16 Bears uddle close in e nig cave | 4 Weasel poem | 17 Our friendsip wi ruins | 5 he long winer road | 18 Inviaion o soybeans | 6 S. Valenine’s Day | 19 Lig winer mis on e Oio | 7 Burn Sienna unmade me | 20 Playing flue in an empy cisern | 8 Wen I wake up | 21 he bald eagle and e cemical plans | 9 Loud joy | 22 Compliciy | 10 he sun and all is sundry fellows | 23 Wen Saurn ae reason | 11 Ino May | 24 A blue arp sails roug a blue sky | 12 Eac drop of groundwaer as a ome | 25 he winer sars are eacups | 13 Were Jesus lives | 26 “Someone o Wac Over Me” | 14 hese wrier friends wo’ve gaered | 27 Geing e band back ogeer | 15 Small enoug o coun | 28
Po e m s b e g u n d u r i n g L e n t S. Francis, e inmae, slep ere | 31 Homer’s Cimmerians | 36 Len always akes us | 32 Len ain’ been no purple cair | 37 Twigs a e alar, an asy pae | 33 Purple ulips in e adoraion capel | 38 he smaller sains ge | 34 he long rise | 39 Nex year in Jerusalem | 35 Take ese sins I love | 40
Lilies of e valley, daffodils | 41 Winds blow over e fields near Sockolm | 42 he small sound of ammers | 43 Firs exercise on e Passion of our Lord | 44 On e Sroud of Turin, a negaive | 48 he ear of God is orn | 49
Len is a green ime | 50 Hope is a jackammer | 51 Is e ouse reacing wen i creaks a nig? | 52 Palm Sunday | 53 he Aposles came ou | 55 Quie Wednesday | 57 hursday, early | 58
N o t e s | 5 9