Living with Coronavirus
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Living with Coronavirus



This volume of poems addresses the human effects of the coronavirus pandemic including: prolonged illnesses, death, disruption of society, families, the work force, and economy. There are the accompanying emotional effects of grief, distressed orphaned children, over-stressed hospital staffs, anxieties over the shortage of health workers, medication, and other medical needs. There are also increased incidents of suicide and numerous other emotional entanglements and physical conditions for which a country, city, village, and family are often not prepared.
At times such as these, language becomes extremely important in how we communicate with one another. How we face the realism and facts of the moment is vital for the health of a person and a nation. One notes especially the importance of the language of political leaders at a time of national and global suffering.
The poems also address issues the pandemic has brought into the open, such as racism, the vulnerability of the poor, and the importance of governmental leadership in a national and worldwide crisis. People of faith emphasize the importance of a faith response to our common humanity amid suffering. Among many other questions, they ask: How shall we live with the enduring problem of pandemics that require changing of attitudes and an ongoing concern for others?



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Published 17 December 2020
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Praise forLiving with Coronavirus
“S T Kimbrough encompasses hemes of compassion and empahy in hese nugges of wisdom and quesioning in he form of poery, and focuses our houghs on selfgrowh as well as nururing ohers as we navigae he new complexiies of a world urned upside down by coronavirus. Grounded in Chrisian conceps of God’s saving grace and our responsibiliy o our fellow human beings, Kimbrough urges he reader o seek higher ground when we look a our changing world.” — B U RT O N L . S C O T T, P R O F E S S O R O F N E U R O LO G Y; D I R E C T O R , H U N T I N G T O N ’ S D I S E A S E S O C I E T Y O F A M E R I C A , C E N T E R O F E XC E L L E N C E AT D U K E U N I V E R S I T Y
“Wih he graceful simpliciy of Wesley hymns, S T Kimbrough’s poems bring us face o face wih realiya word ha occurs of en in his collecion. Ye how can anyhing be face o face in our masked, noconac Covid19 world? S T responds o such ques ions wih wry humor, as when he imagines social disancing wih he aid of a sixfoo selfiesick. He also can lash ou wih righeous indignaion a he global scope of governmenal failure. Bu in his concluding poems, his man of faih opens before us a horizon of hope. In he face of deah, we canno expec o reurn o preCovid normalcy, bu we can ‘urn now o love, each one for all.’” — J O H N H . E R I C K S O N , F O R M E R D E A N , S T. V L A D I M I R’ S O RT H O D OX T H E O LO G I C A L S E M I NA RY
“S T Kimbrough is he epiome of wha John Ciardi may have had in mind when he wroe, ‘Poery is iself a religion; i gives meaning o life.’ S T’s poeic gits express faih, enlivening ‘a noconac world’ wih an unseen ouch, bringing spiriual ruh and gracious hope ha will enable us o become he help ha will overcome our own and ohers’ suffering.”
— W I L L IA M B. L AW R E N C E , P R O F E S S O R E M E R I T U S O F A M E R I C A N C H U R C H H I S T O RY, P E R K I N S S C H O O L O F T H E O L -O G Y, S O U T H E R N M E T H O D I S T U N I V E R S I T Y
Living with Coronavirus
Living with Coronavirus
Pôéŝ ô Sûéî, Gîéî, Dî, à îî
S  Kîôû, J. Foreword by Stanley Hauerwas
ïVïNG Wï CORONAVïRUS Pôéŝ ô Sûféî, Gîéî, Dî, à îî
Côî © 2020 S  Kîôû, J. A îŝ éŝéé. Exçé ô îé qûôàîôŝ î çîîçà ûîçàîôŝ ô éîéŝ, ô à ô îŝ ôô à é éôûçé î à àé îôû îô îé éîŝŝîô ô é ûîŝé. Wîé: Péîŝŝîôŝ, Wî à Sôç Pûîŝéŝ, 199 W. 8 Aé., Sûîé 3, Eûéé, OR 97401.
Réŝôûçé Pûîçàîôŝ A ïî ô Wî à Sôç Pûîŝéŝ 199 W. 8 Aé., Sûîé 3 Eûéé, OR 97401
paperback Isbn: 978-1-7252-8433-3 Hardcover Isbn: 978-1-7252-8434-0 ebook Isbn: 978-1-7252-8435-7
Fôéô  Sàé àûéàŝ ïôûçîô Pôôûé: Cîŝ Wééŝ
Section 1: Canged Life 1. îé àŝ Càé 2. A ôŝ Sô 3. Açŝ ô Kîéŝŝ 4. Sôçîà Dîŝàçî 5. Sééî î Pàçé 6. Màŝŝ 7. Mûûà Càî 8. A Nô-Côàç Wô
Section 2: Governmental Failure 9. ô Cà Oû Gôéé Sô Fàî? 10. A Sô Oé ô é Péŝîé
11. A Jôé!
12. Bàé àŝ Nô Cûé
13. Eçôô ô Wéàé?
Section 3: he Coronavirus Weapon 14. hé Côôàîûŝ àŝ à Wéàô 15. Uîàé Gàzà
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