Living with Evergreens
46 Pages

Living with Evergreens


46 Pages


"Feel the branches-roots-trunk-cones as yourself!"
This is apt advice from vincent tipi to readers of Living with Evergreens.
Beauty, Love and Death combine in a song of LIFE!
Dr. David H. Rosen is a physician, psychiatrist, and Jungian analyst. An interpreter of dreams, he looks for spiritual meaning and humor in all of life, including suffering.
Illustrated with Salvador Dali-inspired sketches by Diane Katz, Living with Evergreens joins David Rosen's Spelunking Through Life as a continuing short-form memoir--moments captured in haiku.
Lost in the Long White Clouds, Rosen's long-form memoir, the detailed adventure story of Rosen's astonishing life.



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Published 16 January 2017
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