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This is a book about a color—the vivid, explosive yellow of the English broom that blooms outrageously, uproariously, all over the mountain that dominates the view from Nicolas Pesquès' window. In this loping long poem, Pesquès views this color as installation art—as if the word YELLOW were written in enormous letters covering the hillside. It's an installation that brings issues of language to the fore, offering an occasion for the writer to juggle the immediate presence of color with the more mitigated presence created by language.



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Published 01 January 2017
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EAN13 9781602358980
Language English

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wrItIng over the past twenty-ive years; begInnIng wIth a mountaIn
France, Pesquès uses an evocatIon of nature to relect upon the nature of Language and Its tendency to separate us from Immanent
the fragrant EngLIsh broom that lowers aLL over the mountaIn every June. SubtLe Inter-reLatIons of varIous powers, from the personaL to the unIversaL, create a medItatIve weave that accommodates both vIvId Imagery and phILosophIcaL specuLatIon.
that aLLowed hIm a greater range of artIstIc expLoratIon, Pesquès returns agaIn and agaIn to hIs mountaIn to keep hIs free-wheeLIng LInguIstIc experImentatIon weLL-grounded, creatIng a dynamIc
carefuLLy avoIdIng equILIbrIum, keeps both poLes In InvIgoratIng pLay
Is the author of some ifteen voLumes of poetry, the two most recent pubLIshed by FLammarIon. HIs work over the past twenty years constItutes a Long medItatIon on the nature of Language consIdered In reLatIon to a mountaIn, JuLIau, In south-centraL France. Two prevIous voLumes from thIs serIes have been
SerIes EdItor: Jon Thompson
3015 Brackenberry DrIve
OVERYELLOW Nicolas Pesquès Translated by Cole Swensen
Free Verse Edîtîons Edîted by Jon Tompson
The North Face of Juliau, Six
The Poem as Installation Art
Nicolas Pesquès Translated by Cole Swensen
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Names: Pesquáes, Nîcoas, autor. | Swensen, Coe, 1955-transator. Tîte: Overyeow : te poem as înstaatîon art / Nîcoas Pesques ; transated by Coe Swensen. Oter tîtes: Surjaune, înstaatîon. Engîs Descrîptîon: Anderson, Sout Caroîna : Paror Press, [2017] | Serîes: Free verse edîtîons | Serîes: he nort ace o Juîau ; sîx ïdentîIers: LCCN 2017038918 (prînt) | LCCN 2017038953 (ebook) | ïSBN  9781602358980 (pd ) | ïSBN 9781602358997 (epub) | ïSBN 9781602359000 (  îbook) | ïSBN 9781602359017 (mobî) | ïSBN 9781602358973 (pbk. : ak. paper) CassîIcatîon: LCC PQ2676.E7829 (ebook) | LCC PQ2676. E7829 S8713 2017  (prînt) | DDC 841/.914--dc23 LC record avaîabe at ttps://ccn.oc.gov/2017038918
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Cover desîgn by Erîca Mena and Coe Swensen. Prînted on acîd-ree paper.
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Free Verse Edîtîons85
Nîcoas Pesquès as been workîng on a sînge project or over twen-ty years:La face nord de Juliau(The North Face of Mount Juliau); ît’s now tweve voumes ong. On te one and, ît’s a work about pace—about te attempt to construct, troug wrîtîng, te pos-sîbîîty o pace în te externa word. ït’s an attempt based on te recognîtîon tat te “externa word,” too, îs constructed o and troug anguage, and so Pesquès’s înterrogatîon o te mountaîn tat domînates îs andscape becomes an înterrogatîon o anguage, o ow ît brîngs us te word and ow ît sîmutaneousy denîes us access to ît. But on te oter and, te serîes îs aso—one coud even say, îs ony—about coor, about te îrrepressîbîîty and te împact o te vîvîd. Sowy growîng trougout te coectîon îs a suggestîon tat coor îs aîve în a way tat notîng ese îs. And tat coor aone as te power to exaust anguage, to mîtîgate îts tyranny over our îves. ïn tîs, voume sîx, te coor îs yeow—te vîvîd yeow o te Engîs broom tat booms outrageousy, uproarîousy, a over te mountaînsîde every year în June. Pesquès ere vîews tat ye-ow as a work o înstaatîon art consîstîng o te word YELLOW constructed o enormous etters and erected on te sîde o te î. ït becomes a pysîca sout tat îs te vîsua, audîo, and cognî-tîve îeds wît an endessy openîng, înînîtey detaîed coor. And anguage becomes a way, înay, sîmpy to be abe to ook at ît, to wîtness ît. And tat wîtness becomes în turn a way to partîcîpate în ît, to use or a spît-second wît îts brîîant, bîndîng îe.