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Puppet Wardrobe is a pop-up book, surprise is in its element. In search of the “dateless lively heat” that Shakespeare sourced to Cupid, Daniel Tiffany finds “the infamous promiscuity of things” in broad display. As watchword, you have the poet’s “slang for the pink redoubt,” the chummy vulgarity beneath prosody’s underthings: say hello to the New Flesh.



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Published 27 September 2006
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intelligence here, radiant with Ireworks and emergency Lares. A brilliant read.
ideas, the poems we pilfer are Iltered or partial or near full disintegration. But
like Frankenstein, by the chemist? ProLigate with form and meter, these poems
species in the wardrobe that is the book’s Ierce, uniIed voice. This is a tremen
“dateless lively heat” that Shakespeare sourced to Cupid, Daniel Tiffany Inds “the infamous promiscuity of things” in broad display. As watchword, you have
where between Middle English and Extreme English. Bawdy scenes glow Iercely in bonIre light, while neologism-sparks leap out, singeing and singing, with a
hoped-for future world. All we can do is try and catch up and
P uPPet ardroePuppet Wardrobe W Daniel Tiffany  d
t iffany
P ress
FreeVerseeditions Edited by Jon Tompson
Books by Daniel Tiffany
Radio Corpse: Imagism and te Cryptaestetic of Ezra Pound(1995) Toy Medium: Materialism and Modern Lyric(2000)
Daniel Tiffany
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Tiffany, Daniel Newton  Puppet wardrobe / Daniel Tiffany.  p. cm. -- (Free verse editions)  ISBN 1-932559-93-0 (pbk. : acid-free paper) -- ISBN 1-932559-94-9 (ardcover : acid-free paper) -- ISBN 1-932559-95-7 (adobe ebook)  I. Title.  PS3570.I335P87 2006  811’.6--dc22  2006029643
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