Say This Prayer into the Past
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Say This Prayer into the Past


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Say This Prayer into the Past reckons with cadavers in the family closet, a house lost to a wildfire, and the heartbreaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. Along the way, Paul Willis rekindles the delights of children, the kindness of students, and the solace of the many writers of the past who have accompanied us. These poems speak into the trials and joys the years have rendered. Their purpose is to bless those of us who mourn and to bring some measure of comfort.



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Published 02 October 2013
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“We Pau Wŝ wreŝ,‘te confused but steady uster of dawn, / cear skîes born from gasp of nîgt, / te breatess story,’e ecapŝuaeŝ e a ad eauy o ŝ ew coec-o. Here, we do o rave roug me, aŝ oe mg ŝuppoŝe, u od   aeyace, a prayer mg reac eac geeraoa corer ad poery uî ŝ ca. Ad a e ‘înartîcuate occasîons’are ŝuddey eŝŝed y word.”
—SOFIA M. STARNES Vrga Poe aureaePoery Edor orhe Angîcan heoogîca Revîew
“A Pau Wŝ poem ŝ a am or e red ear: e rea o a ŝeepg cd, a FDNY ero cmg ŝarŝ, a wak roug e Gacer Peak Wdereŝŝ w e ea-g ‘ŝoud o rverŝ  our earŝ.’ W o reverece ad w, Wŝ îdŝ e g (ad ŝomemeŝ expoŝo) o joy  a o ŝ raveŝ, rom a caŝŝroom wdow o Sawoo Rdge.Say hîs Prayer Into te Past: your îed gude o e ad eauy.”
—TANIA RUNYAN Edor,Every Day Poems
“Waever Wŝ ouceŝ o eŝe pageŝ quckeŝ uder ŝ wry, wŝe gaze, ad e-comeŝ vvdy ‘gree w e.’ ï o ope ad îxed ormŝ, e oowŝ ŝ ow dcae ‘o make ŝure o e meagŝ o wordŝ, e o veŝ em w oeŝŝ.’ Hŝ poemŝ are a moŝ wecome ad eeded gt—a am e oferŝ o ‘ŝ eauu, ŝuferg word.’”
—PAULANN PETERSEN Orego Poe aureae
“Judgg y e poemŝ  ‘Aeduva Baŝea,’ e îa ŝeco o ŝ aŝoŝg ew coeco, oe ŝuŝpecŝ Pau Wŝ coud wre ray aouanytîng— eave, or ere o our ‘eauu, ŝuferg word.’ Aove a, e ŝ a poe w a kee eye ad ear or e woderŝ o Naure’ŝ ‘uderŝory,’ e ayer o grow eea a oreŝ’ŝ caopy were ‘here ŝ / ŝo muc you w ever ŝee.’ Fear o, reader: Pau Wŝ w ŝow  o you.” —DAVID STARKEY Saa Barara Poe aureae, EmeruŝDrecor, Creave Wrg Program, Saa Barara Cy Coege
say th i s praye r i nto th e past
The Poiema Po etry S eries
Poemŝ are wdowŝ o wordŝ; wdowŝ o eauy, goodeŝŝ, ad ru; wdowŝ o uderŝadgŝ a wo’ wŝ emŝeveŝ o dy dogmac ŝaemeŝ; wdowŝ o expereceŝ. We ca do more a merey peer o ŝuc wdowŝ; w a e efor we ca Lg ope e caŝemeŝ, ad eap over e ŝŝ o e ear o eŝe wordŝ. We are aŝo ed o amar paceŝ o ur, couŝo, ad dŝappome, u we arrve  e poe’ŝ compay. Poery ŝ a parerŝp ewee poe ad reader, ŝeekg ogeer o ga ŝomeg o vaue—o ge a ŝomeg mpora. Epeŝaŝ 2:10 ŝayŝ, “We are God’ŝ workmaŝp . . .”poîema Greek— e g a aŝ ee made, e maŝerpece, e poem. he Poema Poery Sereŝ preŝeŝ e work o gted poeŝ wo ake Crŝa a ŝerouŝy, ad demoŝrae  woŝe mage we ave ee made roug er creavy ad cratŝmaŝp. heŝe poeŝ are rece parcpaŝ  e ace rado o Davd, Aŝap, ïŝaa, ad Jo e Reveaor. he read ca e oowed roug e ceureŝ—roug e dverŝe poec vŝoŝ o Dae, Berard o Carvaux, Doe, Herer, Mo, Hopkŝ, Eo, R.S. homaŝ, ad Deŝe everov— dow o e poe woŝe work ŝ  your ad. W e ŝeeco o ŝ voume you are eerg ŝ edurg rado, ad aŝ a reader corug o .
—D.S. Mar Sereŝ Edor
Coecoŝ  ŝ ŝereŝ cude: Six Sundays toward a SeventHy Sydey ea EpitapHs for tHe Journey y Pau Mara WitHin his Tree of Bones y Roer Sege Particular Scandals y Jue . Moore
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Say This Prayer into the Past poems
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Caŝcade Bookŝ A ïmpr o Wp ad Sock Puŝerŝ 199 W. 8 Ave., Sue 3 Eugee, OR 97401
Isbn 13: 978-1-62564-167-0
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Wŝ, Pau J., 1955–.
Say ŝ prayer o e paŝ / Pau J. Wŝ.
p.; 23 cm—ïcudeŝ ograpca reereceŝ ad dex.
Isbn 13: 978-1-62564-167-0
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Mauacured  e USA.
For Krîstîn and Levî and a te rest— you know wo you are
. . . that I may know how to sustain the weary with a word. —Isaiah 50:4
Table of Contents
Ackowedgmeŝ | x
Free Verŝe | 1
I. Cousin Quartet | 3 Wa he ï Waŝ | 5 Food | 6 Famy Syŝemŝ | 7 Aŝ a Aee Dyg Youg | 9 My So, My So | 10 Crŝmaŝ Cd | 11 Pao | 12 Gt | 13 Feruary | 14 Sa Yŝdro Cayo | 15 We We Frŝ Tod You | 16 Couŝ Quare | 17 Secodŝ | 18 Turg Fty | 19 Bur Vcmŝ | 20 Pauŝg Ou Fro | 21
II. Understory | 23 Baker Creek Campgroud | 25 Amoŝ Sprg a e Hu | 26 Ho Rver Road | 27 Skuk Caage | 28
Table of Contents
Marpoŝa Grove | 29 Uderŝory | 30 Cureu Faŝ | 31 Red Rock Faŝ | 32 Awe Brdge | 33 Buŝ Creek | 34 Surŝe  Humpreyŝ Baŝ | 35 Moua Hemock | 36 A keeŝŝ | 37 Mdŝummer | 38 We Ce Cayo | 39 Mue Earŝ | 40 Barey ake Tra | 41 Propoŝa  a Modeŝ Meadow | 42 Rock ïŝad ake | 43 Duŝy Baŝ | 44 Ater Deŝcedg rom Buck Creek Paŝŝ o a Campŝe o e Cwawa Rver | 45 Puero Vaara Mouaeer | 46 oŝ Preoŝ | 47 ŝe | 48 Bearpaw Meadow | 49 M. Goud | 50 ae Ocoer, Mera Kg | 51 Oŝo Creek | 52 Yua | 53
III. Green Studies | 55 Peer Edg  Saa Barara | 57 Gree Sudeŝ | 58 Grammar Quz | 59 ROTC, 1974 | 60 Oy a Ro | 61 A ovey Gr | 62 Makg Tra | 63 Duck Pod | 64 Saurday Hke | 65 Speaker Poe | 66