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“The poems of Sarah Sousa’s Split the Crow employ archaeology as a means of giving voice not only to the land, but to long-gone peoples. We discover the objects that individuals were equipped with for their final journeys, as well as witnessing their tales. Sousa’s work picks up where conventional history has left off, giving voice to urgent testimonies. ‘The Lost People,’ states, ‘On the train coming east, / not knowing what else to do, boys sang / the death songs our warriors sang riding into battle,’ just one of many instances where Native American accounts find a ready home in Sousa’s poetry. Split the Crow is a collection of tremendous magnitude that calls upon the past as a way to reconsider our present moment.” —Mary Biddinger



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Published 06 January 2015
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I Her Moods Caused Ows5 he Dead’s Brîgt Copperas6 hese Hoes7 Trînket-Sîne8 To Cure Forebodîng hînk o a Gray Horse9 Honey Out o te Rock10 Body ïnterred Wît Fîre-Makîng Toos11 Roger Wîîams Among te Narragansett12 Remove13 Makîng te Corace14 O Creatîon15 Remove16 Body înterred beneat a stone sab pîerced wît a oe17 Grave o te Tweve-Year-Od Pequot Gîr18 O Hunger and Hospîtaîty19 Remove20 Snake, Fîs, Stone21 Body ïnterred Wît Mîrror Rîng22 Narragansett Mîdwîe’s Testîmony23 ïncantatîon în a Jar, Seaed în a Tree24 Out o Wedock25 Jon Eîot Creates ïndîan Grammar26 Judges27 Dear Reverend,29 Body ïnterred wît a Fîsook30 Deer ïsand31 Passage32 II Provenance35 Remova36 Loss37
ïncantatîon to Afect Two Women38 Courtsîp scene drawn on an enveope39 Contrîtîon40 Remova41 he Art o Fyîng42 Doomed o Okaoma43 ïssue Days44 Moy became Cerokee45 Remova46 Turnîng47 hese Hoes48 Pecuîar Conederacy49 Man Sarpenîng a Scyte50 Anoter crow angs51 Deed o Gît52 Indîan Exîbît;he Trans-Mîssîssîppî and ïnternatîona Exîbîtîon 189853 Renamîng at Boardîng Scoo54 he Lost Peope55 Survîva and Oter Skîs56 Scrapbook o te Anonymous Lace Maker57 he Pan-Amerîcan Exîbîtîon; Bufao 190158 he Myt o Fîs59 Fea Market61 Monsanto kîs te bees62 Sometîmes hey Keep a Horse63 Spît te Crow64 Notes65 Acknowledgments71 About the Author73 Free Verse Editions75