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Christopher Sindt’s System and Population returns to the primary theme of Sindt’s earlier collection, The Bodies: the impact of human desire on the natural world. System and Population focuses on the proposed damming of the American River canyon in northern California—working with source texts such as geologic studies, government documents, and the diaries of gold miners—to study the intersections of personal experience, scientific study, and the politics of rivers and dams. It is a personal eco-poetics that embraces the tradition of the lyric, experimenting with collage and the explicit inclusion of historic and scientific data. System and Population meditates on human experiences, such as parenthood and loss, and also studies the dissociative effects of environmental damage and disaster



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Published 01 November 2016
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On the one hand, it’s a lyricism that Iercely resists tidy narratives.
intersections of personal and cultural experience, scientiIc study,
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System and Population
Christopher Sindt
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System and Population