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The Scholarship Girl: Life Writing


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Pushcart Prize nominated Abigail George is a South African blogger at Goodreads, essayist, poet, playwright, short story writer and novelist. She briefly studied film at the Newtown Film and Television School in Johannesburg. Her writing has appeared in many anthologies in South Africa and online in e-zines across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. She is the recipient of writing grants from the National Arts Council in Johannesburg, the Centre for the Book in Cape Town and ECPACC (Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council) in East London.



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Published 12 February 2019
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she tries to make sense of life and learning - even when it doesn’t. Wonderful stuff.”
any memoir I have ever read. There is no artifice and no apologetic posturing here, and
attracted to the light?” Abigail George’s writing is extraordinary; she not only states, but demonstrates: “It is powerful to be honest.”
is a richly built edifice haunted by visions of misery and beauty. An avalanche of images stuns the soul into reveries of another existence in a fractured
artistic contemplation.”
South African writer, dealing with the complexities of being human, being a woman, being South African as she grows through a difficult girlhood, through a difficult adulthood, towards poetry. The text is fraught with beautiful painful images. The
Saturday, and the other green. As green as a mocking sea..”
essayist, poet, playwright, short story writer and novelist. She briefly studied film
The Scholarship Girl. Life Writing
Abigail George
The Scholarship Girl Life Writing
Abigail George
Life Writing
Abigail George
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Endorsements As a society we rely on poets, writers, filmmakers and musicians to help us re-visit the past so that we can see the present in a new light and imagine what a better future might be. Of these creative beings there are some who are also brave enough to take us on their personal journey. Abigail George is one of these talented souls, prepared to bare hers by pouring out her life onto a blank canvas that she fills with wonderful poetic prose that places the reader at one moment in the cut and thrust of adulthood and the next in childlike innocence. This book is like a rambling river that streams along in tributaries of breath-taking poetic prose packed with forceful eloquence and an astonishing turn of phrase in a unique style that is at once fascinating and deeply challenging. Abigail allows us onto her magical carpet that flies through her life like a random time machine glimpsing into the mind of a woman in all the various stages of her life and her process of self-discovery as she verges towards the glass precipice of suicidal depression and then to fantasies of love and romance with the hard edge of reality, loss and betrayal, and all the while with her hot monologue contrasting her self-doubt with her self-actualisation and her growing strength as a woman in a man’s world. Abigail grew up as a mixed-race girl during apartheid. Her family moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Swaziland to Port Elizabeth, where she now lives and writes. We learn from this, her first book, that it was poetry that freed her mind and at the same time it was poetry that reigned her in and that it was poetry finally that liberated her and allowed her to access her spirituality. Abigail’s gift