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The Silver Pen


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This book of poetic writings displays unique ways of expressing power and the beauty of language and gives words new life. Words from the very first chapter become the main character and are referred to as tasty nuts, unique buttons, and seeds planted in rich soil. This is a book one can enjoy as a little treat or a longer muse to reflect on for a while.
This author uses words as a sculptor uses clay. She doesn’t change the shape of the word; it’s the surrounding words that contain the poetic surprise. She explains that she personally likes to be surprised by a word that doesn’t usually follow another. It is a way to startle the reader into looking deeper into the thought. There are times when words can even pour forth like oil and fill in cracks left by others’ hurtful words. Some of these poetic frames become like a waterfall of individual poems that wash off aching bodies and refreshes the spirit. Then poems of peace pour forth into an exchanged life.
This poetic journey leads the reader through a number of chapters: “Sound and Silence,” “Struggles,” “Depths of Despair,” and ultimately, to the chapter on the importance of lifting up your eyes to the One who can bring you into peace and hope and the exchanged life. The author sees this journey as a metamorphosis and demonstrates this in several poems where in the days of trouble, it feels like a tsunami. One is drawn into those last chapters for the comfort of His peace and hope.



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Published 18 July 2018
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