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In Molly Bendall’s fourth book of poems, the verbal underworld of doing and undoing—oath, love charm, prayer, curse—becomes a refuge of tenderness and malediction. One of her generation’s most subtly imaginative poets, Bendall overhears—and whispers to the reader—a lost language which is by turns brainy and promiscuous, clueless and inscrutable, bewitching and bereft: a voice skirting a strange silence, a “goblin market” of snares, cures, trifles, and métiers inconnus. Under the spell of these poems, worlds once imagined break into growls and fingersnaps undoing the rough magic of impersonation.



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Published 26 August 2009
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In the gyroscope of the poetic mind, a wild imbalance is also a balance înely-
where the world grows complicated, right in the midst of its difîcult magic—
 —Dan Beachy-Quick
a voice skirting a strange silence, a “goblin market” of snares, cures, triLes,
break into growls and îngersnaps undoing the rough magic of impersonation.
Denver Quarterly, and two Pushcart Prizes. She teaches at the University
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ISBN 978-1-60235-122-6
molly bendall
parlor press
u nderundetr thhe qeuickqu ic k
m o l lyb e n da l l
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Under the Quick
Molly Bendall
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ï Causes and Cures3 Remînds Me o Panîc5 Every Skîppîng Speed ï’ve Notîced6 A Wîd, Raw Cearîng7 Pîrate Keep8 Justnowand9 Vanîs Nearby10 A Home Never Trîed11 Farm Days12 Stea a Notîon o a Duck în Fîgt14 Horned uaby15 Storm Cure16 Market17 Scavenger18 Her Sout, ïts Noîr19 ïï Wîndward21 eel, tread a bank23 a penny wite cake24 millery, millery, dustipole25 come coose you east26 sent is daugter27 turn twice ‘round28 twist te tread29 foot for foot, knee for knee30 ere a nail31 now come fairly32 let none catc you out33