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Wash, The


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Rich in river imagery and an intense sense of the passage of time, The Wash explores the incessant music that permeates journeys with a destination unknown. The poems depict a landscape of loss in which language and images provide the only concrete platform on which to stand. Playing a lyrical voice against the limits of silence, Adam Clay’s The Wash uncovers the voices that can be made, and heard, in and out of nature.



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Published 01 October 2006
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tion deîcit but from its surplus, pierced by memory, Nature, Oblivion and the Giant Forms in which “the shadows of îsh / live as the îsh do.” A Romantic without heroism, a naturalist who knows himself excluded from Nature’s mirror, he goes split from him
with a Clare-ity that includes pleasure, dismay and eroticism, how “a rock / turn[s] black with the memory of my face,” but just “[a]sk and I will be your cuckoo for two hundred years.” Clay’s is an un-Enclosed speaker moving optimistically toward catas trophe:“The window was so clean / I walked into it, hoping for a headfull of sky.”
On every page of excitement, and inward experience from which a language springs that can ow for
own faces back. . . . This book is an eyeful and an earful. It teems with originality.
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I. he Most Careful Music5 [Caugt No Fis]7 [Our Hands Sailing]8 Rocks Inside a Cupped Hand9 Odd and Full of Love10 Wat Happened11 Wittlesea Mere12 Bones and Wandering13 Elegy14 Reflection On Idleness15 Notes on te Constraints of Arcitecture16
II. he Tongue of a Bear in Your Pocket25 Dream of te Pat from Essex27 Wat te Bird hougt28 Tiny Eclipse29 he Pull30 Bad Luck Cradlesong31 Bad Luck Cradlesong ()32 Bad Luck Cradlesong (3)33 Rocky Springs34 Dominion35 Song Made of Rope36 Apology in te Sadow of a Sail37 Reason38 Heard39 Prayer for Winter Solstice40 From Essex41