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Fancy a little love, rose water texts , relationships full of passion and feelings  ? Then you are on the right page, the one dedicated to sentimental literature , also called love romance or romance novel. A genre in its own right in literature and more particularly in novels , it is often discredited by critics and authors of other types of literature, as Pamela Regis tells us: "the most popular and least respected genre". So let's go now to discover now these books that appeal to the public so much…

Express one's feelings

A veritable ode to love , sentimental literature, which exists mainly in the form of novels, is therefore particularly popular, and has done so for centuries. Indeed, talking about the feelings that animate women and men has always attracted readers and authors, whatever the times, whatever the places. We will therefore talk a little more specifically about sentimental literature in these few lines.

Fast history

For several centuries, authors have written novels on sentimental literature, such as Romeo and Juliet or La Princesse de Clèves . However, to see the real birth of the genre, it was not until the XIX th century with such Mérouvel or Charles Georges Ohnet. It was during the XX th century and especially in early 1900 that will truly start to love books, with the launch of dedicated collections and specialized authors in this genre.

Not only developing in France, love literature will take on great importance in Spain and in Anglo-Saxon countries. Moreover, it will be widely popularized in France with the appearance of Harlequin editions in 1978.

Popular and feminine

Popular genre par excellence, romance novels, also called pejoratively romance novels, are mainly appreciated by women . It is undoubtedly the sentimental stories which attract them towards this kind of work. In fact, a large part of the authors of this type of book are also women.

Even if it has often been frowned upon, by being considered a "sub-genre", sentimental literature has managed to acquire a better image in recent decades. Today, it is no longer as discredited as before. There are even literary prizes entirely dedicated to romance and sentimental novels.

Discover this genre

Often a true ode to love, this kind of novel can also show the intrigue and the difficulties that one can meet to make feelings triumph. So if you want to know a little more about this literature, this is where it happens.

Some sub-genres

Is there only one kind of sentimental literature  ? Of course not, because you can easily find two. The most common and the one that currently dominates in French and world publishing is romance-type literature. There are also older love stories, like the so-called courtly ones.

Who are the writers?

On the page that talks about the authors of romance novels , you will discover that they are mainly women and that there are many American women. The French women are not outdone, however, with some big names.

Where to find books?

As is often the case with the different genres of romantic literature, the publishers dedicate a collection specializing in love books to them, or they are themselves specialized in this genre. This is particularly the case for some of the major publishers of sentimental and love novels.

Buy, download, subscribe

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Other genres of novels

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