Bound to the Highlanders


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Can she handle three dominant husbands?

Welcome to Glenash, the cozy Victorian Highland village where one woman marries more than one husband!

In 1875, Fiona Magellan moves from London to Glenash as she mourns the loss of her parents. Her kind aunt insists it would be good for her to go to the annual Highland Fling to meet more people from the village.

Little do they expect Fiona to accidentally marry two huge Highlanders. Then her beau from London arrives and convinces her to elope with him - but the Highlanders catch up with them and the mayhem really begins...

How can one woman navigate the joys and pitfalls of being married to three men if she still doesn’t know how to bake bread?

Publisher’s Note: This light-hearted Scottish historical romance is a reverse harem. There are elements of power exchange and a HEA is guaranteed. Although it is book two in the Highland Fling Brides series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.description is preferred if only using one description



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Published 07 June 2018
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Katie Douglas Bound to the Highlanders
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“Good lass,” Graham murmured softly. Around them, the sounds filtered up as other trios began to consummate. For some reason, Fiona was filled with a lust like nothing she had ever experienced. She sighed, a heartfelt sound, and arched her back, thrusting her ribcage out and raising her breasts into the air. In response, William moved until his mouth was positioned over one of her breasts, and when he bit down on her nipple, she moaned, startling herself with her own passion. “Aye, she likes that!” Graham exclaimed, then before she knew it, he took her other breast into his mouth and she shuddered as the lightning-like tingles shot from both her breasts straight down to her core. Her clit flickered with need, throbbing as she ran her hands through the men’s hair, and wondered at how married women ever got anything done when they could simply do this all the time. Fiona parted her legs slightly, pressing against the men either side of her, as she tried to suggest to them that she was ready for more. More what, she didn’t know, but her body was seized with a desire for this to continue. The men, however, had other ideas, and they didn’t stop teasing her nipples, with flicks of their tongues and nips from their teeth, until she was panting with need. Then, William put his hand up her skirt and cupped her sex. Fiona gasped at the unfamiliar touch. “She’s drenched,” he remarked. She wondered if that was a bad thing. “Dinnae you ken what tae do about that?” Graham teased, and Fiona watched William’s face carefully, but he laughed and playfully punched Graham in the arm. “Here, d’you need me tae show you how it’s done?” William asked. Graham snorted and shook his head in amusement. Fiona was intrigued by how the two men seemed to banter with one another. They weren’t quite arguing, but they were certainly being competitive. She realized with a start that they were being competitive overher. It was hard to believe that anyone would think she was interesting enough. In London, she had always been the girl who the other girls stood next to while they were trying to get men’s attention. She had always been afraid to speak to Martin for very long, let alone convey her feelings, because she was certain he would never want a wife like her, even though she hoped. It was going to be quite the change to start remembering that, whilst the staid and dull suit-wearing men of London wanted wispy women, highlanders wanted curves and colour. Graham’s fingers moved down to her waist and unfastened the eyelets on her skirt, then slid it down and discarded it. The breeze around her knees felt strange. Fiona lifted her hips and let him slide her underskirt and combinations down, then her bottom pressed against the bare grass and she wiggled slightly. )
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GLENASH VILLAGE, SCOTLAND, 1875. F iona Magellan opened her eyes and had to rub them before they would focus on anything other than green. Everything was green in Scotland. It was something she’d learned in the few weeks since she arrived in Glenash, an out-of-the-way fishing village on the west coast of the Highlands, barely a month after she had turned twenty-one. She must have fallen asleep in the field. Looking to either side of where she lay, she realized she was surrounded by two enormous men. The pain in her head was making it difficult to think. That, and the chilly early morning draft that… wait. She was naked. Naked, in a field, flanked by ginormous highlanders. And her ears were ringing. It took her reluctant brain a few moments to piece together what had happened, then all the memories of the Circle Dance overwhelmed her. Fiona groaned, rolled onto her front, and buried her face in the dewy grass. This was about the worst predicament she’d ever gotten into in her entire life. She had accidentally married two men, right after writing to a third one in the hope that he would come and propose.
“Ah, c’mon, Fee, you’ve never been to a real Highland midsummer fling, you’ll love it,” her aunt Trina had coaxed. Fiona nodded, then frowned, sucking on the top of her pen. “It’s certainly not something I’ve ever seen in London, but what do I wear? How do I speak to people? What are the rules?” She grimaced at all the uncertainty. The older woman laughed warmly. “Dinnae fret about things like that, lass. Just turn up. As long as you dinnae dance the Circle Dance you’ll be fine. And even if you do, I’m no fussed. Finding a husband or two at your age is no bad idea. Heck, when I was your age, I had two husbands.” Fiona stared at her aunt in shock. “You… two? How?” “The Circle Dance. You were probably too wee to remember your other uncle, Trevor. The poor man got taken in the terrible floods we had fifteen years ago.” Trina’s face fell for a moment, and Fiona’s heart w renched. Not wanting to add to her aunt’s grief, she didn’t say anything, but shedidremember an uncle Trevor, from the one visit she’d made to Glenash as a small child of four or five. She re membered her own parents sniffing their