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Dangerous games 1


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Ayana is 17 years old, she is passionate about music and basketball. She is surrounded by her family and her two friends, Theresa and Amaury. She does not make any effort to get well dressed, and she does not even comb her hair, that was not her priority, but the situation makes Liam Richard, her neighbor, laugh at her in high school, a boy she was in love with in college.
She had enough of his attacks, and influenced by her best friend Theresa, she decides to change her look, hoping that it would bring her peace. But instead, Liam reveals an aspect of his personality that she didn’t know before and that intrigues her.
Amaury also reveals his feelings and she feels torn between these boys. Will she choose Amaury who has always been kind and who has always been her friend or Liam who has just had his feelings revealed?



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Carole Tranchet
Dangerous games 1
J'aime la littérature
Friday May 21st, 2004
Chapter 1
A game mixed with suffering
Liam was walking down the halls of the school and w as in a hurry. He checked out his watch: twelve thirty. Students had already gone to the refectory. But today, he had to join his little brother for lunch. Julien, his brot her, was in fourth in the nearby college, and so they were going to find a snack around. He w as walking fast, because Julien had already called him so many times. He quickly pa ssed by his locker and lingered there a few seconds to drop his backpack. The schoo l year was soon over and Liam was happy, he felt relieved that this year of secon d is finally coming to an end.
He had had ups and downs, but was rather satisfied. He had a good reputation at the high school, was quite popular with girls thanks to his athletic bodybuilding. Then he smiled while thinking about his dredge parties with his friends.
When he arrived near the high school gate, he saw h is brother far away that was hurt by terminal students. Liam frowned eyebrows : he wo uld not let these boys do so with his brother, he was not afraid of older students. H e wanted to approach, but was quickened.
— Leave him alone! a girl shouted.
Ayana, he thought. But what are you doing? He shook the head. She was still wearing one of her oversized sweatshirts and a foul color . .. They had known each other for a long time, because they dwelled near each other’s h ouse. They had been in the same schools and were in good terms long before. Their p arents were friends.
— What? said one of the boys, a tall redhead. Get away little girl!
— You are not scaring me! she provoked him. You are all so brave that you have to be four against only one! The girl was laughing, which annoyed the group of boys. One of them approached her and seized her by the wrist. Sh e hit him in the throat by the flat of her hand, and kicked him in the belly before he col lapsed. The other boys looked at her, stunned, and so was Liam himself: he could hav e never suspected her to be that strong, for him, she was just a poor and frail little thing that could not defend herself. Other students were beginning to gather around them and the group of boys preferred to leave.
They did not want to be ridiculed by a girl. Ayana handed the hand to Julien who took it. His smile was full of tenderness.
— Thank you Ayana, he said.
— It's nothing, she smiled, everyone should have d one the same.
— Oh, you know, nobody cares about someone like me .
— Well, it's wrong! You are a nice boy Julien. I do not want to be inactive about this kind of thing!
— Thanks, Ayana, but with what my brother is doing , I would not have thought that you would have helped me.
— Julien, you are not Liam and then Kalia likes yo u.
— I'm sure your brother is somewhere good inside! Do not tell him about that! In any case, even if he’s treating me like this, this is n ot a valid reason for me to not help you.
— Thanks Ayana. You know, he's not that bad...
She smiled at him and kissed his cheek, telling him that he was surely right. She left, smiling, to join her friends who had just arrived. Liam stared at the boy who was standing next to her and frowned. He remembered why he had begun to annoy her and look at her differently.
His friend put an arm around Ayana's shoulders. Why do you have to be friend with Amaury? Liam wondered. He did not understand what s he found in him to be friend with him that way ... He could not stand it, that was pr obably the reason why he was acting like that with her. And surely because he had troub le in confessing that he liked her for a long time now. He finally came next to his broth er.
— Are you OK? Liam asked, taking a squint at Ayana .
"Yes, thanks to Ayana," answered Julien. Why do you hate her?
It's not what you think, he thought. Liam found him self ridiculous, but he hated Amaury, it was stronger than him! He looked at him without his brother seeing him. He wondered what else she was hiding under her appearance of a frail little thing…
Friday, February 17, 2006
The two young people were laughing at nothing more. They had too much drunk at this party where they were bored to death. At first, the y went there for their friend Theresa, but this one had canceled when...


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