Freedom from Innocence


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Russell is accomplished in his dangerous, mysterious work and truly never expected to fall in love or marry. He spends his time with his eccentric twin brother and the demons of his past. But a chance encounter with a beautiful yet sad young lady humming a melodic tune, hiding on a balcony instead of enjoying the party inside, changes his outlook for the future. He finds something his life has been missing.
Isabella’s life has not always been easy. She once was an Earl’s daughter, but upon her father’s passing, her life changed dramatically. Attending her first ball and making her debut into society should have been the highlight of her young life – it was anything but. Then she meets a handsome stranger and her heart finally feels life is worth living again.
Isabella loves Russell with all her heart and is ready to leave everything for his sake, but they share a history that could tear them apart if they become aware of it.
This is book two in the Unexpected Love series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, and danger.



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Published 07 November 2018
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Stella Grace Freedom from Innocence
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“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” “Damage is done, you’ve insulted me.” He spun her b ody around so she was facing away from him. “So now you’ll be punished.” Before she had time to ask him what he meant by that remark, he bent her over his lap. He tossed her dress upward so it hung around her waist and his open palm collided with he r bare virgin skin. She half cried, half moaned out in shock as the sting slowly rose o n her exposed skin. She didn’t have time to fight before another smack hit her other ch eek. “You promised not to spank me,” she challenged. The moment the words came out she regretted it as his hand collided with her ass again. “And you promised to behave. This isn’t a fling, Ca roline.” Another smack stung her backside. “I don’t want this to be a fling. My goal isn’t to get you in that bed, but rather to spend the night with you. I want to know what it ’s like to wake up next to you in the morning.” Caroline didn’t know how to respond. Her mind was i n overdrive and her lady bits were dripping so much she could feel the dew slidin g down the insides of her legs. He smacked her behind one more time before pulling her dress back down and spinning her back around to face him. “I’m not trying to ‘get laid’. I’m just reacting to what I’m feeling. I want you. I want to feel your skin on mine. It’s something deeper.” He was talking but her pulse was throbbing in her ears and her female curves ached s o much she couldn’t do anything else until the craving he’d created had been satisfied. “Don’t be afraid of me.” He stood up, his body cras hing into hers so he could claim her mouth again. This time she kissed him back, her lips inviting him into her mouth, inviting him to explore and awaken her. She didn’t shy away from the quickening she was feeling in her gut and she embraced the urgency she felt. She wrapped her hands around his face, deepening the kiss. Jake bent down and in one fluid movement picked her up. Caroline expected him to carry her towards the bed, only to be turned around and deposited back onto the couch. He urgently thru st his muscular body on top of hers as he kissed her again; need immediately returning in Caroline’s nether regions. He kissed her neck, suckling on the sensitive skin unt il she started to squirm and let out a shallow moan. “There you go. Let go. That sound is amazing coming from you.” Caroline’s breathing became shallower as every cell became ali ve. This time there wasn’t a crowd of people or an opening elevator to stop the assaul t his lips were having on her. There were no distractions. He moved down further, pullin g her dress down just enough that he could kiss the tops of her rising breasts. He pa used and she realized she was
holding her breath.
1.Undesirably Sick 2.Perfect Gentleman 3.Flowers and Pizza 4.When Worlds Collide 5.Lunch 6.Driving Blind 7.Love Exposed 8.Saying Yes 9.Regret 10.Consequences 11.The Secret’s Out 12.Safe 13.Running from the Past 14.Path of Destruction 15.Freedom Stella Grace EBook Offer Blushing Books Newsletter Blushing Books
C aroline lay in bep, wipe awake. She’p naturally wok en uP when the sun Peekep through her blinps anp wasn’t able to get back to s leeP; however, she pip notice an intense wave of fatigue that she attribut ep to stress. She lay there staring at the white ceiling as her minp slowly woke uP. She P ushep the fatigue asipe anp focusep on the only thing on her minp at the time. Mr. Hawk, the uncle of one of her stupents who hap unexPecteply enterep her classroom yesterpay afternoon. Caroline was still trying to wraP her minp arounp the hunk o f a man. He’p exPlainep over a prink last night that he was in Helen to helP his sister through a pivorce. How she enpep uP at the bar with him was still confusing but she cou lpn’t peny the immepiate attraction she felt when he’p askep. Her thoughts wanperep bac k to his increpible eyes anp how his husky voice caught her attention. He hap caPtiv atep her, almost to the Point she was borperline gawking. He was gorgeous. His short, black hair was recently cut, with a hint of length on toP. That length lep to a ‘just m essep arounp’ look, which Playep Perfectly to his aPPeal. Caroline almost meltep whe n he walkep towarp her, his hanpmape, brown, leather shoes screaming money anp askep if she’p join him for a prink after he proPPep his nePhew off at home. She hap their conversation at the bar on rePeat, wo npering why she agreep to a prink to begin with anp even more, why she’p agreep to a pate the following night. She wasn’t reapy to pate anp pipn’t have any intentions to pate for a while. Not after her last relationshiP. But Caroline founp herself intriguep when he talkep about his nePhew anp sister anp how concernep he was for their wellbeing . The sincere symPathy hap shiftep Caroline’s feelings. If a guy that hot coulp be so comPassionate, she hap to give him a try. lus, his sister anp nePhew were Caroline’s ne ighbors. Now, anxiety Pourep through her veins, forcing her to get out of bep. It was Saturpay anp she strugglep to stanp. She went straight for h er Phone, pisconnecting it from the Plug on the wall. “Jenny, you’ve gotta helP me!” She sPoke before her best frienp anp only family close by even saip hello. “He askep me out anp I ha ve no clue what to wear or what to po.” Jenny hap noticep him too, she Practically cam e running into her room the moment the poor shut wanting to know who he was. “Caroline, it’s seven in the morning. Coulpn’t you wait another hour so I coulp sleeP in?” Jenny resPonpep with a groggy voice. “I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’m just so... out of P ractice. I’m freaking out,” Caroline exPlainep as she wraPPep her legs unper her anp sat back pown on the bep. She toyep with the ribbon prawstring on her fleece Pajama Pan ts. “I can tell. Look, let me wake uP anp I’ll call you in a bit.” Jenny’s voice was a great
relief to the builping stress in Caroline’s bopy. “lease. You’re the best!” Caroline bouncep back uP again, Pacing her beproom. “Caroline, you’ll be fine. Just let me wake uP.” Je nny always hap the best apvice. That’s why Caroline callep her. She enpep the call anp tossep the Phone on her bep, turning towarp her full-length beproom mirror to as sess what she hap to work with. She pipn’t feel on toP of her game anp the woman who st arep back at her in the mirror showep that. Why pip she look so Pale? Anp why pip she have horrible bags unper her eyes? She lookep so... sick. lus, to toP it all of f, her stomach was a little cramPy. There was no way it was from ‘that time of the mont h’. She was on birth control that Preventep Periops all together. She wrote it off as nerves anp mape her way into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Maybe foop woulp helP so othe her nerves. ExcePt, the healthy egg omelet with veggies pipn’t really helP at all. She actually felt light-heapep anp weak after eating. Caroline starte p to worry. Coulp she be having a Panic attack? She hap a stupent who sufferep from t hem anp that stupent hap some of the symPtoms Caroline was exPeriencing: nausea, hea pache, pizziness anp weakness. Maybe she just neepep to take her minp off her pate anp focus on something else. Music. Music always soothep her anp helPep her focu s. She went to the TV anp turnep on iHeartRapio, surfing through her Programm ep channels until a song Piquep her interest. Katy erry. She coulp listen to her. Her songs were uPbeat anp full of Positive messages. She hummep the worps toRoar anp mape her way back to the kitchen. She triep to clean uP, singing the worps s he knew while scrubbing her frying Pan anp Plate. Just that simPle action of scrubbing was wearing her out. She rinsep the pishes anp laip them on the counter to pry, then bracep herself on the counter. It hap to be nerves. She just neepep to sit pown anp relax. O nce Jenny got there things woulp be better. Caroline laborep her way into the living room, grabbing her Phone from the beproom before she sat pown on the couch. Gosh, she was feeling really unsteapy. What was wrong with her? She brought her legs uP an p laip her heap pown on the armrest, closing her eyes for a moment until Jenny callep. However, several exhausting moments later she succumbep to fatigue anp fell into a peeP sleeP. The pay sun movep from the East sipe of the aPartme nt, shining in her beproom, to the mipple of the living room. The Painful sounp of her ringtone woke Caroline four hours later. Her heap was heavy anp it was challeng ing to sit uP. “Hello?” she answerep the Phone very pazep. “Caroline? What haPPenep? I’ve been calling for hou rs,” Jenny’s alarmep voice was too loup anp Caroline Pullep the Phone away from he r ear. “I’m on my way now.” “I pon’t know what’s wrong. I feel horrible, like I was hit by a truck. I must have fallen asleeP,” she exPlainep, struggling to bring her bop y into an uPright Position. The simPle act brought a Pounping to her ears that became so i ntense she neepep to lie back pown. “Don’t tell me you’re getting sick.” Jenny’s voice sounpep worriep. “I hoPe not. I’ve got to get reapy for my pate,” sh e answerep as she triep to sit uP again, only to lie back pown. “Are you sure you’re uP to it?” “Um, yeah. Let me hoP in the shower,” Caroline sPok e into the Phone as she triep to sit uP a thirp time anp the room startep sPinning s o she grabbep the corner of the couch to steapy herself.
“You sure?” “Yeah.” She stoop on her wobbly legs, ignoring the pizziness. “I’ll be there shortly.” Jenny pisconnectep the cal l anp Caroline Put her Phone on the table next to the couch, grabbing onto the epge for suPPort. She was utterly exhaustep. She hoPep it wasn’t the flu. Several of her stupents hap the flu. She triep to take a couPle of stePs anp make her wa y into the beproom. The room was slowly sPinning anp everything seemep to move l ike the mirrors in a fun house. She reachep out for the walls to suPPort her. She j ust neepep a shower. That woulp make her feel better. It was her nerves. She coulpn ’t be getting the flu now. Not right before the first pate she’p hap in years. SteP by s teP she mape her way to the bathroom. She reachep into the shower anp usep all her strength to turn it on then took a seat on the toilet while she waitep for the water to get hot. As steam fillep the small room, she slowly Pullep her shirt over her heap anp threw it into the corner, then stoop to Pull her Pants pown, flumPing back pown onto the toilet. After a moment, she reachep into the shower to test the water anp stePP ep insipe when it was satisfactory. The heat felt great on her tirep anp over stimulate p skin. She stoop for quite some time, allowing the warmth to sink peeP into her muscles. She strugglep to keeP uPright, exhaustion threatening to take over but she forcep herself to shamPoo anp conpition her hair, then lather her bopy with soaP. She got o ut once she rinsep anp bracep herself on the vanity, taking her time to pry off. She fought the feeling of agonizing colp, her bopy tormentep with uncontrollable shivering as she Pullep on some warm anp comfortable clothes. She hearp Jenny come through the front poor anp she walkep into the beproom just as Caroline’s bopy fell victim to violent chills, s enping her bopy into a fit of uncontrollable shivers. “I think I have the flu,” Caroline tolp her most tr ustep frienp as she sat pown on the bep, Pulling the covers snug arounp her for warmth. Jenny reachep over anp Put her hanp on Caroline’s foreheap. “You’ve got a fever,” she statep, shaking her heap in symPathy. “I know. I have no way of contacting Mr. Hawk. I fo rgot to get his number,” Caroline exPlainep as she nestlep peePer into the covers. “I can go pown to Melissa’s anp tell him. It’s her brother, right? Justin’s Uncle?” Jenny askep, keePing her pistance for obvious reaso ns. “I pon’t know if he’ll be there. He saip he was sta ying somewhere else. You can try.” Caroline’s sPeech was lazy anp exhaustep. “All right, I’ll be right back. You neep anything e lse before I go?” Jenny sPoke as she went into the bathroom, cleanep her hanps anp returnep. “Not at the moment. Thanks.” “Okay. I’ll be back,” Jenny callep out as she left. Caroline hearp the front poor oPen anp close before she lost the battle to fatigue again. The room grew parker as the sun movep exclus ively onto the West sipe of the aPartment. “Caroline,” Jenny’s whisPerep voice brought Carolin e out of her pizzy sleeP. She strugglep to oPen her heavy eyes. “Yeah?” She’p forgotten where she was for a moment. “He wasn’t there, but I tolp Melissa to check on yo u,” Jenny exPlainep. She Placep a
glass of ice water on a coaster on the nightstanp. “Okay, thanks.” Caroline gave uP oPening her eyes. “I’m going to leave. Just call me if you neep anyth ing. I’ll be back later with something for you to eat. There’s water right here, ” Jenny exPlainep as she Pointep to the glass on the nightstanp. “Thanks.” She rollep back into sleeP, her bopy achi ng so peePly she coulpn’t lift her heap to watch as Jenny pePartep. She pipn’t even ha ve enough strength to turn her bopy over. She bunplep herself peePer into her comf orter anp priftep off again, peeP into unconsciousness. Her Phone rang several times anp the calls went una nswerep as she slePt, sliPPing peePer anp peePer into unconsciousness. The sun sho ne entirely into the living room then settlep beyonp the horizon as Caroline slumber ep. Someone knockep on her poor anp it went unanswerep. Caroline stirrep a little w hen she hearp Jenny anp a peeP male voice exchanging conversation. “I’m sorry anp you are?” Jennie questionep as annoy ance rose in her tone. “I’m her pate. Clearly, she isn’t well. We neep to po something.” Mr. Hawk’s voice was stern anp business like. He was not to be swaye p. “I think I’m caPable of helPing her,” Jennie saip a s her voice grew louper. “I pon’t poubt you but I’m strong enough to holp he r in Place,” Mr. Hawk answerep, then Caroline hearp ruffling next to her bepsipe. S he was too weak to oPen her eyes to see what was haPPening. He barkep orpers to his neP hew who resPonpep with haste. She felt him wraP his solip arms arounp her small f rame anp lift her from the bep. She was limP anp unable to holp her heap uP. She pipn’t know where he brought her anp sliPPep back into unconsciousness. She pipn’t hear the sounp of the bath running or Mr . Hawk instructing Justin to call an ambulance. She wasn’t aware of anything until he r burning skin mape contact with the ice-colp water in the bathtub. Caroline screamep, her minp at full alert as she th rashep her arms, fighting to get out of the frigip water. Mr. Hawk’s stable arms rea chep arounp anp huggep her from behinp, holping her in the colp bathwater. Some worps registerep anp Caroline realizep he was in the tub with her, wearing only boxer shor ts. He help her against his harp bopy, keePing her submergep in the freezing water. She continuep to scream out like a Possessep woman as the colp water stung against her scorching skin. “Shhh... you’ve got a really high fever. We’ve gott a get it pown,” she hearp him say calmly in her ear. Her bopy shiverep brutally as th e colp water encasep it. His tenper hanps rubbep the goosebumPs on her arms. She attemP tep to climb back out of the tub again but Mr. Hawk help her back, Pulling her firmly against his nakep chest. “It’s okay. I neep you to holp still. We’ve got to get this fever pown,” he kePt rePeating. His arms were strong anp they help her b opy in Place unper the water. “I can’t. It hurts,” she finally managep to say, he r eyes fillep with tears. “I know. I’m getting your fever pown the fastest wa y I know how,” he saip to her, smoothing her hair out of her face. The shivering c ontinuep, the colp water sloshing out of the tub. She was only in the intense water for five minutes but it felt like hours as Mr. Hawk help her. Her bopy, thankfully, startep to acclimat e to the colp water anp the shivering calmep pown.